Tonight ~ The Full Story

Tonight, in my bedroom, it’s very quiet. I lay in my bed alone listening to the still of the night. The lights are off, but the moon shines in through the shutters then onto my bed and the ceiling above.

My thin nightgown barely covers my perfectly coiffed desire, and outlines my breasts, which stand at attention pushing defiantly against the soft fabric.

I’m laying here thinking of you.

My hands run across my soft sizable breasts —rubbing, squeezing, and every so often teasing at the edges. The response below comes quickly and I want to reach down and touch myself, but not yet.

I squeeze my nipples harder and close my eyes with the picture of your beautiful face in mind — your eyes, your savory mouth, the salt and pepper at the edges of your hair, which triggers my Daddy desires.

I want to put my hands on your face and pull you in for a kiss.

A slow, steamy, sensual kiss.

I want to feel your tongue in my mouth and suck it. I want to taste your lips, maybe nibble them just a bit.

I know I’m a submissive, but I’m going to test you and let you put me in my place.

How much will you let me do? How much can I get away with? Can I move my hands up your face and to your hair and pull even harder there?

Thinking about your scent makes me feel a little wild and careless…


All of a sudden you grab my hands, pin them behind my back, kiss my mouth, and bite my lower lip.

Then you spin me around and fold me over your knee, my nightgown hiked up completely exposing my bare ass— you rub me gently at first.

My mind is racing. I know you’re going to spank me and I’m thinking about the blow. You’re squeezing my ass cheeks with one hand and holding my hands behind my back with the other.

“What is he going to do to me?” I’m screaming in my head and before I can brace myself, SMACK!! Your hand comes down squarely on both cheeks, right in the middle.


SMACK!! Now again but harder on the right cheek.

SMACK!! And once again but on the left.

My ass is stinging and my pussy is soaking wet for you.


I’ve now got my vibrator out, and I’m replaying that scene over and over again while I rub it against my dripping wet pussy lips and clit.

Thinking of laying across your lap and feeling your hardness push against me while you spank my ass is bringing me close…

I’m going to cum.

I rub my free hand across my breasts, squeezing hard on my nipples and think of you…


Now, you’re forcing me to my knees in front of you, where you take out your beautiful thick cock and force my soft plump lips around you.

You’re fucking my face and gagging me, and I can’t get enough!

I want to feel your warm cum in my mouth. I want to taste all of you.


The thought of your cum… in my mouth, on my lips, dripping down my chin and to my chest… it’s enough to take me over the edge.

The vibrator rubs over my sopping wet clit again and again, my hips are pushing up and into it, and before I know it an uncontrollable spasm takes over.

I’m cumming for you— thinking about you, and it feels sooo good!