Campfire Chronicles

An Erotica BDSM Story

This page compiles three sexy campfire scenes between BDSM submissive Felicity and her Dom, Jackson. Enjoy!

Sake & Smores

“What the fuck was that?” Felicity asked, her doe-brown eyes growing wide with fear. The soft light from the campfire illuminated her terrified face. “You know I’m scared of bears. I think we should go back to the cabin. This BDSM camping was never a good idea for me!”

She pulled at the soft, goose-down comforter covering her nakedness as if it was knightly armor that would protect her from a wild beast planning to spring out on them at any moment.

Jackson smiled and threw another log on the fire. “I told you, it’s still too cold for bears. This is their hibernation season and so, it’s the best time for you to be out here.” He moved toward Felicity now, who sat on a felled tree serving as a bench in front of the fire. She sipped on a small cup of sake. Jackson stopped right in front of her, his naked manhood just inches from her face, he asked, “Are you ready to play? It will take your mind off the noises of nature. The only thing you need to focus on is me, sub.”

Felicity lifted the cup to her painted red lips and took one final sip, her eyes never left his. The liquid warmed her body and calmed her mind. She nodded, “I’m ready, Dom.” At the same time she eased out of the blanket and stood in the At Your Service pose she had practiced earlier at a submissive posing session. Jackson felt a pulling sensation in his groin as his eyes took in Felicity’s chocolate colored skin, round curves, and ample breasts.

He had an intense look on his face that she couldn’t quite place. Before she could decide if it was lust or anger, he leaned in close and claimed her mouth, tongue touching tongue, he licked and then bit her bottom lip.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned as he sucked and licked at her top lip now. Her mind was racing from one sensation to the next, pain mixed with pleasure and intense desire. Then he plunged his tongue into her mouth for a deep exploration. She opened wide and gave herself over.

Just as her brain was floating away with the sensation, Jackson stood back and lightly but firmly slapped the left side of her face.

“Ouch,” she thought. “What the…,” breaking her shocked silent thoughts, he slapped her on the right side a little harder.

Felicity thought about invoking their safe word, “Enough,” but she wanted this experience and while her face stung now on both sides, she decided she could handle it. Oddly, the stinging sensation made her nipples ache and stiffen even more, which was quickly followed by a growing moistness between the thick of her thighs.

Jackson’s hands held her face on both sides and then slowly began to make their way down her body. One hand squeezed at her neck ever so slightly but with increasing pressure, while the other circled her left breast and pinched her aching bud.

“Kneel down, sub,” he said and Felicity sank to her knees, assuming the Kneel Down position. On her knees this way, she was closer to the fire and the warmth felt good on her body. She braced for more punishment and tried to calm her racing heart by listening to the sound of the crickets in the dark beyond.

“I had to punish you for doubting me, but you won’t make that mistake again. Right, sub?” Jackson asked while grabbing a fistful of her hair in his right hand. “Nod, don’t speak! Don’t you fucking say a word,” he commanded.

Felicity nodded yes and her eyes carried the same look as they had earlier when talking about bears. Jackson smiled and gently pulled her head back so that she could see the calming look on his face, still firmly holding her hair, he added, “I won’t let anything happen to you. I never would. You’re mine and I’ll protect you.”

Looking down into her dark brown eyes, in a voice just above a whisper he said, “Kiss me.” And he began to pull her closer toward him.

This was what she had been thinking about ever since Jackson brought up the BDSM camping experience. She imagined herself on her knees on the beach tasting him for the first time.

She leaned into the pull and placed one hand around his stiffening member and the other on his muscular thigh to help her balance. Feeling the hardness of his muscles and throbbing pole, mixed with the arousing smell of him, excited her even more and she licked gently at his tip while stroking him up and down. Her touch made him grow, and she closed her warm wet mouth around his cock and heard him exhale sharply.

She took him further and deeper into her mouth, licking and sucking and tasting. She moaned around his thickness, fuck, he tasted better than she imagined. The sound of his breath quickening, and the occasional epithet that escaped from between his clenched jaw, increased the longing between her thighs and she moved her balancing hand down to slip two fingers into her waiting wetness.

He pulled her head back and said, “Get your fingers out of your pussy! That’s mine too!” She moved quickly to comply and her mouth was back on him. Her hand, now wet on two fingertips, returned to his thigh, which she now massaged smoothing her wet fingers over the muscles once again.

The moisture from her love pocket on his leg made him eager with anticipation to feel her, but he had plans for that pussy and he would take his time. Thinking about her sex while feeling her soft mouth stroke his cock was more than he could take. Jackson pulled Felicity’s head back, groaned deeply from inside his throat, and released his own love juice all over her face, mouth, and breasts. Felicity licked at him feverishly like she couldn’t get enough.

He was stroking himself now and squeezing every last drop into her waiting mouth while shuttering orgasmically. And, after a few last spasms, Jackson looked down and in a breathless voice said, “That was amazing, sub… Now have a seat, I have a reward for you.”

He helped Felicity to her feet and back to sit on the stump where she covered herself with the comforter once again, discreetly using it to wipe her hands and face.

Jackson raised a hand and out of the shadows stepped a tall thin man with a guitar who positioned himself on the other side of the campfire and began a slow acoustic rendition of a-ha’s “Take on Me.”

Felicity was amazed! Had this guy been there waiting this whole time? Did he watch her with Jackson? What the hell? Her mind raced with so many questions, but he played so beautifully and the fire felt so warm and soothing, which helped her relax.

She turned to ask Jackson a question and he was closer than she expected. Right at her side, he handed her another cup of sake and a warm s’more just from the fire. “Milady,” he said with a smile that told her this was only the beginning.

Oil & Water

Felicity sank her teeth into the warm gooey chocolate treat, then emitted a barely-audible moan as she chewed and swallowed. She licked her lips and Jackson felt a familiar sensation in his groin.

He liked looking at her. Felicity’s smooth soft cocoa skin glowed under the light of the campfire, and her lips seemed even more full after their sucking and biting marathon.

The surprise guitarist that Jackson had arranged continued to play, moving from one beautiful ballad to another.

Jackson put down his cup and picked up an extra blanket laying it on the sand beside the fire. Felicity nibbled and watched intently, the Sake slowed her mind a bit but heightened the beauty and sensuality of the scene that lay before her.

“Whatcha doo-in’?” she sang out and smiled as Jackson moved from one place to another clearly preparing for another “play session.”

“Just getting somethings ready,” he said with a mischievous grin playing at the corners of his mouth. He pulled a large metal stake and mallet out of a bag and began to pound the stake deep into the sand.

“And, what’s that for?” Felicity inquired again. Jackson swung the heavy mallet a few more times, then stood to return it to the bag.

He stopped in front of Felicity, who had melted chocolate on her lips, and said, “It’s to secure your ties.” Her eyes widened and Jackson walked to the bag dropped the mallet and picked up a few pillows.

“Did you enjoy our first session?” he asked tossing the small pillows on the blanket.

Felicity nodded and smiled. “But you could’ve let me touch myself. I was so worked up and now I want you inside of me even more! I’m feeling very impatient, Jackson, I wanna jump your bones right now!”

“Good, Felicity, but you’ll have to wait! We have the entire night and I plan to make the most of it,” Jackson scolded. “Now drink the rest of your Sake and come sit on the blanket. Practice some of the breathing you learned in tantra yoga this morning.”

Felicity put the cup to her lips and gave Jackson the side eye while draining the rest of the liquid into her mouth. Quietly, she nodded in agreement and took a seat on the blanket in front of the fire. She closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath, as she exhaled, she felt Jackson kneel down behind her and slip a cloth tie around her eyes.

“Oh,” she exclaimed, feeling a renewed sense of excitement creeping up her spine.

“Breathe, Felicity!” Jackson commanded and once again she set her mind to focusing on the movement of breath through her body. She could hear the crackle of the fire on one side and the sound of the ocean waves on another. The beautiful music finally came to an end. She breathed deeply again, and heard Jackson moving around in front of her.

He knelt beside her and licked the smudge of chocolate from the corner of her mouth and then kissed her deeply. Instinctively, Felicity lifted her arms to place them around his shoulders, feeling her way because her eyes were now covered. She felt Jackson’s strong hands pushing her arms back down, holding them clasped together he asked, “Are you ready to play, sub?”

“I’m ready, Dom,” she replied.

“Good!” he said and leaned in to bite her pouty lower lip. He was tying something around her wrists, she could tell, and every few seconds he would kiss or bite her mouth, neck, or shoulder.

Once the tie was secured around her wrists, Jackson directed Felicity to lay back on the comforter and stretch her arms above her head. He quickly fastened the wrist ties to the stake he had beat into the ground and Felicity could tell she no longer had freedom of movement.

The thought of being bound and blindfolded and at Jackson’s mercy brought shivers to her body and her nipples perked to attention. She squeezed her legs together as if to soothe the tingling sensation now taking hold of her lower body. She softened her breathing and listened closely. Where was he? Were they still alone?

She was ready to call out his name when she felt his large hands on each of her ankles pulling her legs apart and setting them in a comfortable bent stance. He then began to massage what felt like warm oil on her right leg from her ankle up to her thigh.

When he reached the curve of her hip, he re-positioned himself between her legs and pushed both hands under her round bottom to massage her glutes — squeezing and rubbing her soft skin. He pulled her hips up a bit, dipped his mouth and kissed her gently before moving on to do the same massage on her left leg.

The methodical, smooth touch of Jackson’s hands (and mouth at times) on her legs, hips, and bottom made Felicity’s breath quicken and sparked a growing moistness between her thighs.

Finishing with the warm oil on her left leg, Jackson sat back and took in the sight of her glistening body. He glimpsed between her parted legs to the wetness in and around her pussy.

The sight of her like this — the beauty, the control— made his manhood rise. Jackson laid himself out flat, positioning his hand under her hips and his head between her thighs. He kissed her pussy and began to tease it with his tongue.

Felicity exhaled and began pushing her hips toward Jackson’s mouth, as if to indicate that she wanted more.

Jackson moved a hand to the top of her vulva and parted her lips to lick and lightly nibble on her clit. He applied a rhythmic stroke of his tongue, licking her sweetness with increasing pressure and speed. She was moaning now and her hips were writhing in his hand that remained firmly on her ass.

Licking and sucking her clit would eventually make her cum, but he knew how to push her closer to the edge — quickly. His cock was so hard now and he wanted to feel her warmth around him.

Jackson moved his mouth lower and plunged his tongue deep into her eager wet pussy. He pushed his tongue in and out, stopping after every several strokes to lick at her glistening lips and clit.

This drove Felicity crazy.

She was pitching and screaming, “Oh fuck! Lick me! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! I want you inside of me!” Her arms firmly tied above her head, limited her movement and kept her exactly where Jackson wanted her.

He moved his tongue back to her clit and began to add pressure there, along with a continuous flick of the tongue. At the same time, he slid his fingers deep inside her wet hole and began pounding her with his hand — all while licking at her sensitive button just above.

She was so wet. His fingers slid in and out so smoothly. He sped up the pace and teased at her anus with the thumb of the hand under her rear.

Felicity came undone.

Jackson heard her moan build to a scream, “Mmm.. Mmmm… Oh.. Ahh, Ahh, Ahhhh!” Soon, he felt the spasm that began in her legs and hips move quickly to her pussy with a pulsating sensation — squeezing and releasing around his fingers.

She came hard and the resulting wet release now dripped its way down Jackson’s palm to his wrist.

He sucked and and licked her clit one final time before removing his hands and sitting up.

“Fuck!” Felicity whispered with another shutter.

“That’s a good little sub,” he said. “You came in your Dom’s mouth. You’re a filthy little whore! Aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am, Dom! Your filthy little whore!”

She felt his warm body move over top of her and then felt a stinging slap across her face, “Shut the fuck up and nod your response. Don’t fucking speak unless I give you permission. Do you understand, sub?” Jackson asked.

Felicity nodded, vigorously.

He lowered his face to hers and kissed her mouth and she tasted herself on his lips.

He pulled up, his hardness pushing against her stomach.

“You taste yourself on me, sub?” Jackson whispered. Felicity nodded. She wanted more and arched her back to feel more of him, but in the next moment, he was gone.

Felicity felt a slight breeze. All of a sudden, she was very aware of being naked, exposed, tied up, and all alone. She felt a familiar fear begin to creep up her spine.

She wanted to call out for him, but she knew the consequence should she speak without permission. She quietly listened for footsteps or movement of any kind. All she could hear was the crackle of the fire and the crashing of the waves as the water reached the shore.

Felicity exhaled and thought, “Remember your breathing, breathe!”

A twig snapped in the distance and startled her. Felicity gave into the fear and quivered, “I’m scared, Dom. Are you there?”

Consequences be damned.

The Final Wave

Felicity started to worry that something may have happened to Jackson. Her mind quickly descended down a long list of horribles, each ending with his death or dismemberment.

“Don’t think such gruesome thoughts!” Felicity scolded herself.

“Jack?! Jackson, are you there? I’m really starting to get frightened. Just say something if you’re okay,” Felicity pleaded.

Still blindfolded and naked, Felicity remained bound by her wrists to a stake pushed deep into the ground at the beach campsite. Her body laid out before the heavens and nature, the campfire on one side and the sound of the ocean on the other.

Felicity’s dark round nipples stood erect, pointing toward the starry night sky while her body glistened in the glow of the fire from the oil that Jackson had used to massage her earlier. At that moment, she heard what sounded like footsteps in the sand and then Jackson’s voice.

“Sorry love, just had to relieve myself. You’re safe. Never took my eyes off you!” he said.

The next thing she knew, Jackson was at her side stroking her cheek. “Daddy’s back, and I’m ready for my baby girl… again. God, Felicity, I love you like this!”

Jackson untied her hands from the stake and lifted her up onto her knees now. He guided her to turn around and then made her put her hands down on the blanket so that she was positioned on all fours.

From here, he tied her hands back to the stake and Felicity was once again unable to move around freely. She could sit back on her heels and possibly push her hips up into downward dog if she really wanted to, but she didn’t.

Instead, she stayed silent and still on all fours anticipating what would come next. And just as if she conjured it, she felt the sting before she heard the smack of Jackson’s hand on her bottom.

“Fuck!” she thought, but she dare not say it aloud.

Whack! He smacked her ass again on the opposite cheek, leaving his hand behind to massage and squeeze her ass cheek tightly.

Felicity whimpered.

“Yes! This is Daddy’s ass. Baby girl? Who’s ass is this? Speak up so I can hear you,” his hand came down with an even harder blow. Smack!

“Ahhh, fuck! It’s your ass, daddy! All yours,” Felicity squeaked.

“I think you like it when daddy spanks your ass,” Jackson moved himself between her legs now and Felicity felt him kiss her lightly on each burning cheek. “Your pussy is so wet, Felicity. You like it when daddy smacks that ass, don’t you?”

Felicity moaned at the feeling of his breath near her most intimate place.

“I love how fucking thick you are, girl. Looking at you like this has me so hard right now,” Jackson leaned in again, spread Felicity’s still-burning cheeks with his hands, and placed his mouth near her soaked opening. “You’re right. This is my ass!”

Felicity arched her back and tried unsuccessfully to push back further into Jackson’s kiss, but her tether was still very tight.

“I want you, daddy, inside of me. Right now,” she said breathlessly.

Jackson trailed kisses up Felicity’s tailbone and her back as he positioned his hard manhood behind her, squeezing her breast on the left side while smacking her ass again on the right.

“Ok. You’ve been a good girl for daddy,” he said and Felicity felt his stiff cock sliding back and forth across her clitoris. The sensation of his hardness rubbing her clit made her shiver and she pushed back against him.

As if in an answer to a prayer, Jackson swiftly moved both hands to her hips, holding her firmly, and plunged his thick hard manhood into her warm waiting hole.

At the first touch of Felicity’s moisture, Jackson relinquished composure and rammed his cock in ferociously. He immediately began pounding her hot pussy from behind, slapping against her soft brown ass with every stroke.

His hands held her hips in place, as he continued at a steady rhythm and pace. Felicity was breathing hard and panting, as she pushed back to meet his force. Occasionally, Jackson’s thrusts would hit so deep eliciting a yelp of pain mixed with unmeasurable pleasure.

With each forceful dip, she found herself inching closer and closer to the edge of the blanket and the sand. And every few strokes, Jackson would smack her ass because he loved the sound of slapping flesh — hard— and he loved the way her round ass jiggled when he did it.

“Oh fuck, that hurts so good, daddy,” moaned Felicity.

Whack! Jackson smacked her ass again and heard her yelp. She was taking each stroke of his hard dick deeply and now lowered her arms to rest on her elbows exposing her ass and pussy to Jackson even more.

Her tight puckered asshole was now in clear view and he had to touch it. Her dark brown fleshy cavern beckoned to be explored.So without skipping a stroke, Jackson licked his fingers,lubricating them with his warm slick saliva. He rubbed the spit from his fingers over her little hole, gently massaging her anus and making her pant even heavier before dipping his fingers in and stretching her tight opening.

Each thrust of his hips continued to hit her deeper and harder. Combined now with the sensation of his fingers probing her asshole, Felicity’s fingers reached out to grasp the edge of the stake that jutted out of the ground.

She was slowly losing control of her mind, but her grip on the stake promised some false sense of stability.

His deep exploration of her body was causing sensations everywhere on her and in her, and she couldn’t maintain her focus on one spot or one feeling. Everything blended together— pleasure, pain, lust and love. She moaned and Jackson pushed his fingers in deeper. She was building to a big release.

“That’s it baby girl. You’re gonna cum all over daddy’s cock aren’t you? Damn that pussy is so wet!” Jackson said, his hips still thrusting into her flooded wet pussy, which now leaked juices down the inside of each thigh.

He probed her asshole moving his fingers in a rhythm that matched the pace of his hips. Then he pushed his thick hard cock into her and held still, letting her absorb all of him inside her soft warm walls.

“Fuck, baby! You’ve been waiting for this dick all day. You’ve been waiting to feel my cum inside of you. I know that’s what you want the most. Isn’t it?” Jackson’s grip on the one side of Felicity’s hip tightened as he felt her start to squirm.

He pulled back almost pulling out completely, but stopped just at the edge and held her there for what seemed like eternity, though it was actually only seconds. He held everything still— the firm hand on her hip, his fingers in her ass, and his throbbing cock. Then, in the next moment, everything was back — his thrust, a smack, his fingers moving.

Felicity’s mind gave way to the overwhelm. She stopped thinking and gave herself over to the feeling. Still blindfolded, she couldn’t see, so her other senses seemed more heightened. Her nipples ached and stiffened, her stomach tightened, her pussy gripped and gushed. The sound of Jackson’s breathing and the smell of the campfire ignited a very primal feeling deep within her. She was falling and she didn’t care to stop.

“I’m… mmmm… I’m gonna cum, daddy,” Felicity whispered.

“Come on, baby,” he replied tenderly. “Cum on daddy’s dick. I’ve got something for you too. I’m gonna fill that tight little pussy with all my cum and I’m ready… fuck, I’m ready.”

Jackson’s voice always melted Felicity to the core — his words, his voice, his stroke. She let go and the wave of an orgasm flooded her body. Her back arched and her pussy squeezed frantically around Jackson’s thick cock.

The feeling tipped him over the edge. With one final forceful stroke, he pushed in deep and released his hot seed inside of her warm pulsing hole, both hands now gripping hard on her hips.

Together, they collapsed on the blanket. Felicity felt beautiful electric sensations firing all over her body and the feeling of his semen in her womb gave way to another spasm. She squeezed her legs together and came again as his load leaked it’s way down her thigh.

Jackson reached up and untied Felicity’s wrists, then gathered her close in a spoon held so tight neither could tell where one ended and the other began.




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