Savor Me

How will you savor the moment when next we touch? How will we fix the clock to slow the time and make each moment last forever? How will I maintain this heady buzz I’ve acquired from the whiskey on your lips and tongue?


They say it’s like riding a bike, you never forget… muscle memory and all that. But I have to say there was a little relearning, readjusting, and remembering the first time I was on my knees and sucking Mr.’s cock —post COVID lockdown.

Baby, I’m Home

I took a deep breath, exhaled, then closed my eyes and there you were. Your deep sexy voice transported you from the phone to my home where I greeted you at the front door.

Lockdown Lovers

Briana and Kane met a few months ago, but had only managed a couple of dates due to their busy work and family schedules. Both times, they shared very sensual kisses at the end of the night. Briana knew that when the time came for more, it would be a powerful connection. But given the stay-at-home order, how long would they have to wait?