Switched On


Lean in, kiss me. Can you taste the excitement on my lips? Cause I’ve been waiting all week to taste you. The moment you get close, I feel it. A current of anticipation flows through me. Electricity.


Dating While Submissive: A Fist Bump for My Inner Princess

A few weeks ago, I took the BDSM test and learned that I am 84% submissive. This didn’t surprise me. I’ve always really enjoyed encounters where the men in my life take the lead, but also respect that I have a good brain and solid opinions. That said, it always takes a few challenges to said “men in my life” in order to earn my trust and respect.

Road Trip

Ginger stepped out of the car and immediately felt the warmth of the ever-present SoCal sun on her face, but there was also a cool breeze blowing which signaled the start of November. She walked along the sidewalk path leading to the station, but stopped as she approached a bench. Ginger inspected the bench for dirt or water before taking a seat to wait. She was excited about her first trip away with Tony. They had been dating for a couple of months now and enjoyed each other's company enough to try an overnight trip. Her stomach was in knots though. What if they ran out of things to talk about? What if they had a fight, how would she get home? What if...