About Me

Hi! I’m Patty Hillingdon (my pen name). I’m a 40ish 🤭 married mom of two. ✌🏾I am polyamorous and dating, but I’m very selective.

I’m a Black Caribbean-American Princess 👑, and must be handled with care. 😁 No seriously!

Also, an adoring bratty submissive looking for a sexy feminist and progressive Dominant (maybe one or two) to be my happily ever after — for as long as we last. ♥️


I’m a dark-skinned woman, which is a central part of my identity. Some people love my hue and some people hate it. Imagine the color of my skin can evoke such strong feelings.

I’m strong, as is expected of me, and yet vulnerable. I’m spiritually-guided, but no longer religious. I’m the life of the party or the biggest party pooper you ever met. I’m sexy and goofy — smart, but curiously obtuse. And, I manage to blend all of these confounds into one beautiful mess.

Sex played a significant role in my life from early teens on, as I much preferred to curl up with a steamy new romance novel and let my mind drift than any other fun teen activities. I often imagined myself in the role of the woman pursued by the handsome stranger and later started to write about it. After years of journaling and writing in secret, I’ve created this blog to give light to some of my short stories, meanderings, and erotic tales. Every story written here is fiction, none of the characters are real, although some scenes may be inspired by actual events.

If you like what you read, please “like” it, share it, and comment. Your feedback will help to improve these stories and my writing in general.

Thank you for visiting. May your nights and dreams be filled with passionate sex and romance — real or imagined. 😘

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