They say it’s like riding a bike, you never forget… muscle memory and all that. But I have to say there was a little relearning, readjusting, and remembering the first time I was on my knees and sucking Mr.’s cock —post COVID lockdown.

We both got the vaccine. Both waited the required two weeks after the second shot. He had a couple of in-lockdown trysts but I had decided it wasn’t worth the risk. Turns out, we both made sound decisions, since we’re both still here. 

It was tough, but I kept busy in other ways. 

And in the quiet, lonely moments, of which there were many, I thought about mind-blowing sex. Those thoughts usually led to a stimulating session with my new BFTE (best fuck toy ever). 

Multiple orgasm heaven. 

Would you like to know what pushed me over the edge time and time again?

Good. I’m going to tell you…

Thinking about how stiff and hot cocks get before they cum. Thinking about feeling the sensation on my tongue and between my thick lips. Orgasm #1.

Pretending that my new BFTE is your head and rolling my hips to push your vibrating tongue further into my dripping wet pussy and all over my clit, while I breathlessly whisper, “Suck it. Suck it.” Orgasm #2.

Blindfolded, arms tied behind my back, bent over an exercise ball with my ass exposed for your taking. I have to listen closely to know where you are in the room and that excites me so much that I’m instantly wet again. The thought of feeling you before I see you or hear you. Feeling the lube trickling down between the round softness of my ass, which tells me that you’re coming for my tightest hole. With my hands tied, I can’t even rub my clit in anticipation. All I can do is wait… and listen. Knowing that once you push your hardness into my tight warm opening, I’m going to cum. Orgasm #3

Those three short but steamy head-fucking moments got me through this No-Sex Pandemic.

What have you been doing to make it through? Did you risk it or did you abstain? Is anyone pregnant? I swear I would be if I had a live-in partner! 

So spill the tea. Inquiring minds want to know.

My first post-lockdown Brazilian hurt like hell! 😁

7 thoughts on “Re-Emerging

  1. F***, I love to read what you write but it makes me sad that you never gave me the chance to meet you. I genuinely made effort towards that, and at the end all for nothing you didn’t want to meet me as much as I wanted to meet you

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  2. First, it is soooooo good to see you back again. Once again, your writing has left me aroused and wishing for more! That is one magic toy! As to your question it has been a little bit of everything. At first my fwb and I were too afraid, but we gave in but utilized a lot of precautions and limitations. I haven’t kissed since this all started which I am desperate for again…but everything else we did with some degree of extra caution in place, without divulging the specifics. But its been tough-there is only so much you can enjoy solo so I am longing for the moment when things are not such a concern anymore. But keep these stories coming please!!!

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