Baby, I’m Home

I took a deep breath, exhaled, then closed my eyes and there you were. Your deep sexy voice transported you from the phone to my home where I greeted you at the front door.

“What are you wearing?” you asked.

It’s a trick question.

The last spanking I received was with a wooden hair brush because I forgot… I won’t forget again.

“A t-shirt, my bra and panties, and heels,” I waited, smiling from the inside out.

“Good girl,” you replied. “Now, give Daddy a kiss. What are you making for dinner?”

As I prepared an Asian stir fry dish and salad, you came up behind me, brushed my hair aside, and kissed my neck tenderly while slipping one hand into my bra and another into my warm panties.

Your touch was a welcome distraction. As you softly stroked and pinched my nipple, I moaned and you instantly felt the effect in your other hand.

I served your dinner at the table with the white wine you brought home. Then, I knelt beside your chair awaiting your approval and permission to take my seat next to you.

“It’s delicious,” you smiled, then bent to kiss my waiting mouth. “Have a seat, baby.”

It’s everything that I had been waiting for all day — a loving look from Daddy. Your approval.


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Pics of me by me.

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