Little Spoon, Big Storm

There was an ominous breeze sneaking its way through the warm summer air. Ted and Ginny had just retired to bed for the night. It had been a long emotional day.

All day she felt on the verge of tears. But now, after a hot meal and warm lavender bath, she climbed into bed in a little spoon with Ted and drifted to sleep.

Their large Georgian-style bedroom was dark almost to the point of pitch black, lit only by the glow of the moon extending its reach through the welcome of the open french doors that led out to their private balcony. Ted held Ginny close. The moonlight kissed the soft curves of her body. He was glad she was finally able to get some rest.

He knew it had been a tough day for her.

As he lay behind her, deep in thought, he heard the whistle of the winds pick up and felt the temperature drop just a hint as an even cooler breeze now filled the room.

Ted inhaled, it smelled like rain was coming.

He loved the summer rains. The sound of thunder rolling through the sky, the smell of rain drops on the air, the calm before the storm.

As if conjured by his thoughts, a low rumble of thunder filled the quiet of the room. Ginny stirred but didn’t wake.

Ted’s left hand traced the outline of her curvy body underneath her soft see-through nightie. Propping his head in his right hand, he watched the rise and fall of her chest as she slept.

With the next cool breeze, he noticed her nipples stiffen against the flimsy cloth that barely contained her large swollen breasts. His body responded with a stiffening of its own.

Out of nowhere, another roll of thunder crashed its way into the room, shattering the silence with a loud crack and bang. Lightning lit the sky in that very same moment and startled Ginny awake.

She was breathing heavily and trembling. “Ted?” she called out. He held her closer and whispered, “Shhh, it’s ok. Just the start of a summer storm. I’ve got you.”

Ginny took a deep breath and allowed herself to melt back into Ted’s embrace. The sky opened up and rain began to pour down, filling the room with a marvelous orchestra of sounds.

Ginny relaxed even more taking notice of Ted’s hand now caressing her breasts, circling her nipples with his fingers. She moaned lightly from the effect it had on her.

Along her backside, she felt Ted’s hardness pressing into her fleshy bottom. His hand moved quietly to lift the tiny gown up over the curve of her hips, and even higher baring her breasts to the wicked winds now gusting and eager for a taste of her flesh as well.

Ted’s hands were back on her nipples. Instead of circling, he was grasping and pinching. His hunger growing by the minute.

Ginny’s body responded with a wave of heated moisture between her thighs.

Ted buried his nose in her hair and inhaled the lavender fragrance from her bath. Almost without thinking, he started to grind his pelvis against her soft naked bottom.

The rain pelted their balcony, showing no signs of letting up. Another roll of thunder and lightning cracked through the sky and Ted felt an urgency like never before.

He squeezed mercilessly at Ginny’s breasts and nipples. When she moaned breathlessly leaning back against him, Ted rubbed his hungry dick against the moisture on her lips below, then slipped the head of his straining hard cock into Ginny’s tight asshole.

“Ahhh,” she screamed out, half confused and surprised by his choice. She held still waiting for what was to come. The pain of his stiff probe pushing its way into her backside had not yet made way to the sweet pleasure she knew she would experience once Ted was fully sheathed inside of her.

Then he whispered forcefully, “I need this. I need to feel you this way. I need to know that ALL of you belongs to me.”

Ginny whimpered and let the tears roll from her eyes. It was the release she had needed all day.

“That’s right, sweet girl,” he stroked her nipples sweetly. “Take this pain and give me yours,” he continued as he spit on his fingers to better lubricate his expanding heat, then he eased his bulging thickness further into Ginny’s tiny cavern.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, breathing softly and trying to relax every muscle in her body.

The rain smelled so sweet and sprinkles were blowing in and onto her nakedness from the open door.

Ted kissed her neck, then lightly bit into her shoulder as he made a final thrust and held completely still. His cock pulsing at the feel of her heat and tightness completely surrounding him.

Ted kissed a trail from Ginny’s shoulder to her earlobe. He sucked her lobe between his lips, then bit down as he began to fuck her deeply.

He moved slowly and smoothly in and out of her most intimate opening, marking his claim on it with a hard bump that smacked against the pillow of her ass every time he thrusted in.

“Ahhhh… fuck me, Teddy,” Ginny moaned softly as tears streamed from her half-opened eyes. “Yes,” she said breathlessly. “Take what’s yours.”

Her voice quivered. Ted loved when she called him Teddy. It was like Ted and Daddy combined.

He held her tightly to him as he began to pound deeper and harder. “Fuck, Ginny. Your ass feels so goddamn tight. I’m not going to last long like this,” he groaned directly into her ear.

Ginny’s inner thighs were now soaking from the juices of her excitement and she reached between her legs to stroke lightly at her sensitive clit while Ted was bucking maddeningly into the softness of her ass.

Fucking her.

Biting her.

Sucking her earlobe.

Whispering filthy words about owning her ass.

Squeezing her tits as he held her to him.

Every time he struck harder, he could hear the soft moans and “Ahhhs” escaping her sweet lips. He loved knowing that only he could give her this sweet pain.

His pace was quickening. Ginny could sense his urgency, his need to spill his seed and claim his prize.

Thinking of him claiming her, feeling the heat of his hard pole striking so deeply, Ginny slapped and rubbed her pussy into an earth-shaking orgasm that made the room spin and the bed tremble.

Lightning crashed and brightly lit the room for a brief moment, but it was long enough for Ted to see the sweet torture and release on Ginny’s tear-stained face.

Her ass gripped Ted’s cock so deliciously. He had no choice but to let go. He growled deeply from the back of his throat, echoing the sounds of the thunder, and filled her lovely dark hole with all of his hot white seed.

Giving her… Every. Single. Spurt.

He dumped into her and collapsed, sucking at the air to catch his breath.

The rain continued to pour from the sky but the thunder and lightning had vanished into the still and quiet of the room.

With both of her holes leaking, and one sore from his greedy exploration, Ginny exhaled and floated back into a light calm slumber—finally feeling the release she had been seeking all day.


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Header pic by Pexels.

Boob pic by me.

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      1. You’re welcome! Its funny because I am working on a piece currently and after I read your story I said to myself, “Slow down, find your words.” Thanks for the inspiration!

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