Lockdown Lovers

It was day nine of the COVID-19 stay at home order and Briana was going stir crazy. She was taking all of the precautions of social distancing, which meant that she wasn’t visiting with her new beau Kane.

Briana and Kane met a few months ago, but had only managed a couple of dates due to their busy work and family schedules. Both times, they shared very sensual kisses at the end of the night. Briana knew that when the time came for more, it would be a powerful connection.

But how long would they have to wait now?

Just then, her phone buzzed with a FaceTime call from Kane. Briana told him how she had just been thinking about him and naturally, he wanted to know exactly what she had been thinking.

Suddenly, Briana felt shy about admitting that she was thinking about kissing more than just his mouth, but she summoned the courage and shared her thoughts anyway.

Kane smiled wickedly. He had an idea.

“It’s just you and me here,” he whispered. Then added, “Let’s get naked and see where the moment takes us?”

Briana giggled and nodded her agreement. They both propped up their phones to face their beds and decided that Kane should get naked first. He scooched himself back on his bed and reached over to his nightstand to start his favorite playlist.

A smile came across Briana’s painted lips. As he watched her smile, he thought of the soft kisses they had shared.

Kane stood up from the bed and walked closer to the camera, raising his shirt for Briana to get a close up view of the soft hairs on his stomach. And as he lifted his shirt over his head, he moved back slowly so that she could finally take in the full view of his bare naked chest. His nipples had hardened in approval of their sexy time activity.

Then Kane took his hands and rubbed his chest, stroking a few times before moving south to his belt buckle.

That’s when he saw Briana’s eyes light up.

“Hmmm,” he said. “Does the belt make my girl excited?”

Briana bit eagerly at her lower lip and nodded shyly.

Kane pulled the belt from around his waist, folded it in two, then lightly smacked on a pillow that he had pulled down from the top of his bed to represent Briana’s ass.

“Tell me, Bree,” his deep voice rumbled, “Do you like it soft? Or Hard, like this?” And he whipped the pillow so hard that Briana could hear the belt crack!

“Fuck,” she whispered, mesmerized.

Kane put the belt aside and stood in front of the camera again quietly listening for her reply.

“Well, I thought I liked it soft, until now….” she smiled.

They both chuckled together.

“Ok, we’ll work our way up from soft then,” Kane said as his hands began the slow, teasing work of unzipping his pants. As he rolled them down over his hips, Briana swallowed hard.

His cock was so hard that the tip was sticking out of the top of his gray and black boxer briefs and it looked so fucking delicious. Briana unconsciously licked her lips.

“It looks like you want to get those beautiful lips on me?” Kane asked.

“If you were here now, I definitely couldn’t hold back. All I can think about is what you must taste like,” Briana told him. In the next moment, his underwear was gone and Kane sat back on the bed stroking his bulging cock.

“Your turn, beautiful,” he smiled. “As you can see, you have my undivided attention.”

Briana stood from the edge of bed where she had been sitting and grasping her pillow tightly.

She was wearing a long maxi dress, dark blue with white polka dots. She turned around so that her back was to the camera and then announced, “I’m not wearing underwear.”

She glanced back over her shoulder and saw Kane exhale, then bite his bottom lip as he stroked his cock a little stronger.

Briana bent over the bed. Her ass was still covered by the dress, but the fabric now stretched tightly around her, emphasizing her shapely curves. Briana’s ass was thick and round, just what Kane loved. And as he looked harder, the fabric that had been between her thighs was now stretched out against her ass and it looked moist.

“Fuck, baby, you’re gonna make me explode and I haven’t even seen you yet!” Kane managed to say, his voice strained.

“Well, let me show you,” Briana replied and she lifted her dress from the bottom up. Slowly she moved the fabric up her smooth brown legs to her thighs pausing just before the reveal of her ass and tight wet pussy from behind.

Briana glanced back at the phone to make sure she still had Kane’s undivided attention. She did.

She moved the dress up and over her round dark brown ass bending as far forward over the bed as she could to give Kane a full view of her sexy lady parts.

She let one hand run smoothly over her ass —stroking and caressing herself tenderly. Then, in a quick change of pace, she slapped one cheek really hard and then jiggled her bottom for the full effect of her thickness.

“That’s how hard I want to feel your belt on me,” Briana said.

Then, she stood to her feet, turned to face him, and lifted her dress completely over her head letting her swollen large breasts bounce free.

“Mmmm,” Kane moaned. “I want each one in my mouth. I’m going to suck and lick your tits until you beg me to fuck you!”

As he spoke, Briana rubbed and squeezed at her large breasts. She stepped in closer to the phone camera, leaning in to give Kane a close up of her now hardened nipples. She pinched at each one, moaning at the painful sweetness each time.

“Sit back on the bed so that I can see that beautiful pussy,” Kane commanded. “I want to imagine my face buried in it, licking and tasting every inch of your sweetness while I jerk myself off for you.”

Briana sat back on the bed and opened her legs to the camera. She moved her hand slowly down her stomach and over the top of her mound to find the origins of her moisture.

She threw her head back, closed her eyes and imagined it was Kane’s hand now on her smoothly waxed flower, gently exploring the soft petals. She pushed two fingers into her warmth and pulled them out slowly, glistening and dripping with her love juices.

“Lick it,” Kane said. “Suck your fingers for me since I can’t!”

Briana sat up and ran her fingers over her mouth before pushing them between her lips and licking them clean with her tongue.

Kane was now jacking his cock faster and with the other hand pulling and rubbing his balls. His breath quickened as Briana laid back to play with her pussy in front of the camera again.

“Open it up! Let me see all of your pussy. Fuck, I want to feel how soft and warm that beautiful dark hole is,” Kane’s voice strained.

Briana pushed her fingers in again, stroking faster and faster to match Kane’s tempo on his cock. The sound of his breathing made her even more excited and she started to moan and scream as she pounded her own pussy harder and harder until she was feeling the start of a wave of ecstasy creeping up from her wet tingling cunt to her stomach.

At the same time, she was squeezing and pinching her nipples with her other hand. The sensation made her dizzy.

She was going to cum.

Briana started moaning and shaking on the bed as she pulled her drenched fingers out and began small quick circles and strokes on her clit.

She looked up and saw Kane’s face. His eyes locked on her pussy while his hands jerked so hard up and down his straining pole.

Briana breathlessly whispered, “Uuuuuh, I’m coming, Kane. Fuuuuck. I’m coming. Mmmm…”

At the sight of her body shaking and her pussy quivering under her fingers, Kane let go as well.

He stood up and shot his large beautiful load just to the side of his phone, moaning and thrusting into the open air, as he kept stroking and squeezing to empty every ounce for her.

Briana was now sucking her fingers again, watching greedily and imagining her hand was Kane’s cock and that her juices were his.

“Goddamn, you’re beautiful,” he managed after what seemed like an eternity of heavy breathing and silence. The two of them just watched each other, contented and satiated, at least for the moment.


I have been absent for far too long. Life being life, a little messy and complicated, but writing always helps. I hope you enjoyed this story and maybe some of you can even relate. Stay at home and please stay safe. ❤️

16 thoughts on “Lockdown Lovers

      1. I miss writing but working on some other creative things. So good to see you back. And I plan on taking advantage of your new venture I just noticed as well 😉

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      2. Yes! It’s a great setup. I’m actually thinking of voice recording some of my stories because I can share them through NiteFlirt as well. I need to figure out some technical pieces but I’m hoping to do it soon. 🔥🥰😘

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  1. I once thought i would be your kane. I didnt realize how disappointed i was to be overlooked until i read this. How i wish things were different 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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    1. I know the disappointment of life not working out the way we planned or intended, but we chart a new course and never lose hope that joy and happiness will greet us along our new journey. 💓


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