Oral Obsession

I seem to be obsessed with the thought of his cock in my throat.

My mouth waters at the thought of his hardness in my hand. And that’s good because he loves my saliva to cover him.

I miss him so much, and right now I just want to taste him, suck the tip and lick his balls. His balls are so full and heavy. I close my eyes and imagine what they would feel like slapping my clit from behind. Mmm…

Grab my head lover and work my mouth on your pole. You want to push it deep… deeper… deeper… even more until… Agh!! I’m gagging and more hot saliva drips down your shaft.

I’m not deterred. I love it deep.

Put it on my tongue and slide it into my throat again. Fuck my throat. Make me gag on your thickness again and again until tears roll down the side of my face.

You love making me cry.

Now I’m in control and I’m squeezing and sucking, both hands and mouth working for the prize. Yes, just lay back… touch my hair… look into my eyes. You’ll see that I’m in love with it. You’ll know how much I need it.

“Oh yeah, just like that. Don’t stop,” you say.

So I go harder and faster to bring it home. Your hips lifting up… pushing your hard cock further into my hungry mouth until…

Yes, that’s it Daddy. Cum for me. Spill it in my mouth until it’s flowing out.

God, you cum so much, I fucking love it… hot, sticky spilling from between my swollen lips and oozing down my chin to my chest, then dripping over my tits to my hard nipples that have been waiting all day for your sweet torture.


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11 thoughts on “Oral Obsession

    1. It was a good weekend. But I won’t see my bf all month ☹️ due to our travel schedules and family activities. Hope you’ve had an amazing weekend as well. 😘

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