Pushed to the Max

⚠️Warning: Contains explicit language and graphic sexual references and pictures. Only for readers 18+.

Hi friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve revisited Gabby’s story. You may remember that she’s the polyam princess with three boyfriends. Here’s the third and final installment with her newest boyfriend, Max. In case you missed the previous stories, here they are: Sir Anthony’s Adirondack Chaise and The View from Daddy’s Window Seat.

Max, Gabby’s newest boo, had been traveling for the last few months. They chatted via text and FaceTime every week but Gab was really starting to miss him, physically.

She spent the night at his place the night before he was arriving home, and she woke up so excited. “Today is the day!” she thought as she made her way down the stairs and to the coffeemaker, a huge smile on her freshly cleaned face.

When Max walked in, Gabby was standing in his kitchen wearing only a flimsy long t-shirt of his. No bra. No panties.

Max walked up without saying a word and held his large hand lightly against her throat as he bent forward to kiss her. As soon as his lips touched hers, her mouth opened wanting more… and he gave it! Plunging his tongue into her open mouth, they consumed each other in that precious hot moment.

Gab felt Max’s body responding passionately against hers. She felt her nipples tingling, wanting to be squeezed, bitten, and slapped. Max pulled his mouth away and looked deep into her eyes. Gabby looked back into his reading the hunger in their hue. And without a single word or warning, he ripped the flimsy t-shirt right off of her!

Fuck!! He literally tore the damn thing right off of her body!

Gab just stood there, bare chest heaving, naked, and in awe… of his strength, of his brazenness, of his sheer masculinity. Her nipples were begging to be touched… roughly, and he acquiesced.

Max pulled her in to sit gently on his now naked lap facing him, her breasts perked perfectly in front of his hot mouth. He took one nipple between his teeth and slowly bit down while closing his lips fully around her areola.

“Mmmmm,” Gabby moaned. She knew he would soon feel the result of that move since her pussy was bare atop his leg. Gabby was growing wetter with every suckle and every bite.

Max pulled away and in a throaty voice, he whispered, “Sit on Daddy’s cock. I need to feel you around me.”

Like a good girl, Gabby shifted her weight to hover just over his rock hard pole, then she started to descend, but the bratty side of her brain took over and instead Gab just circled her hips and rubbed his tip across her clit, again and again.

Gabby could see the anticipation and agony building on Max’s face and it made her smile wickedly. She dipped a little lower to let his stiffness just breach her slippery warmth. Gab heard his breath deepen in his chest and she pulled up again.

But not for long…

Max grabbed her waist tightly, and Gabby knew the balance of power had shifted. His eyes got darker as he pulled her forcibly down onto his thickness.

His strength was once again making her tingle and quiver. When Max was fully covered by her warmth, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer, holding her still. Gabby could feel Max’s cock growing harder and jerking every so slightly inside of her.

She started to grind her hips back and forth on Max’s lap. Gab desperately wanted —no, needed to cum. It had been months since she last saw Max and she was ready to give him everything, all of her.

But now, it was Max who wore the wicked smile. His large hands grabbed her ass, squeezing both round brown cheeks and forcing her grinding to stop.

He bent his head and took her nipple into his mouth once again, sucking and biting until Gabby was moaning and begging, “Please… fuck me, please.”

His hands moved from the thick of her ass to the sides of her hips and he held her there as his hips began thrusting up and down below her. The tempo was slow, but he hit hard on the up-thrust. Gabby thought she might shatter —just break into bits from the sheer pleasure.

Max loosened his grip on her hips so that Gabby could move up and down to meet him, and as she did, his movements sped up. He was fucking her so hard and so deep. And Gabby was bucking and clinging to Max like a newbie cowgirl in a PBR rodeo show.

Finally, Gabby threw her head back panting loudly as she gushed and came all over Max’s hardness. Her silky warm pussy gripping and pulsing around his cock. He grabbed a fistful of the hair from the back of her head, pulling her back even further while he beat into her harder and faster until he found his own loud and primal release.

They collapsed together, both breathing like oxygen wasn’t enough to sustain life. Then, after a few moments, Gabby raised her head, kissed Max’s mouth and said, “Welcome home, Daddy. I think you missed me.”

She smirked. He smiled, “From the amount of my cream running down your leg right now, I’d say I missed you a hell of a lot!”



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Coffee pic by Pexels.

Pussy pics by me. 😊

16 thoughts on “Pushed to the Max

    1. Thanks Michael. I’ve been reading your blog and really enjoy how sensual, open, and authentic you are in your writing. I will have to binge read more later. 😍

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    2. Wow!! What a ride.,… so glad I found your blog….. beautifully written, I felt every thrust….. gorgeous pictures too 😉😉… just the rawness of the words… so primal… ♥️It

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      1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me! I love to know that my words invoke good feelings. 💕 I’m glad you found my little blog as well. Hope you stop by often. 😊

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