Daddy’s Day

Daddy was sitting on the chair in the corner of his bedroom, naked and erect. I was lying on his bed, completely disrobed and excited.

The thrill of his eyes on me while his hand was stroking his hardness made my body tingle and my nipples stand on end.

We had bought a new toy that I slowly clicked on to a low buzz and placed it on my moist clit. Instantly, I threw my head back in an overwhelming delight. Breathing deeply, composing myself, I raised my head to look at Daddy again. He was up and moving to kneel over me on the bed with his thick cock still in his hand.

He knelt beside me and continued stroking his heat just above my mouth while I continued to play with my now soaking pussy. Looking at the head of his cock bulging and straining through his fingers, I wanted to taste him. I opened my mouth and he obliged, thrusting his sweet cock between my lips.

Mmmm, I tasted the delicious pre-cum on his tip and my clit tingled even more under the buzz of my vibrator. I pushed the button to rev it up faster as I sucked at him harder, greedy and hungry.

He pulled out of my mouth, using my saliva as lube to work his beautiful cock to eruption all over my mouth, chin, chest, nipples and boobs. As I watched him convulse, hot white liquid splashing all over my dark brown skin, I pushed my toy harder against my clit and lost my breath as I came right then alongside him.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and Daddies 😁! Hope you had a great weekend.


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9 thoughts on “Daddy’s Day

  1. Nice!! I hope you were telling a story of what happened to you and not using your imagination…😜

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