The Hike

“I hate when girls wear makeup on a hike,” Carlos snorted smugly to his best friend Hidalgo Bean as he raised another frosted mug of 805 to his lips.

Bean, as everyone called him, had just been recounting the events of the day before when he went hiking with his new boo Florence, or Flori for short. He made the mistake of sharing with his desperately-single friend how flawless Flori looked in her form-fitting capri leggings and sports bra, with her hair and makeup perfectly in place.

“Okay, so tell me that the next time you actually take a girl out hiking,” Bean laughed in response. He smiled and jabbed playfully at his friend, and then proceeded to share the rest of his exciting adventure hiking along a local canyon trail.

The wild flowers of all different colors were in full bloom, growing up through the lush green grass along the side of the trail. Every few minutes, Flori and Bean would stop to take it all in— the beautiful site, the fragrance of the flowers, and to share a sweet kiss.

“This is everything I could have imagined and more,” Flori whispered in Bean’s ear as they embraced in front of a large felled tree in a shaded area just off of the main path. Bean pulled her closer and held her tightly against him, as the soundtrack of running water from the trail-side creek played in the background. Flori could feel him responding to the curves and softness of her body against his. They kissed again, but this time there was a little more hunger and wanting.

Laughter sounded out coming from the trail up ahead, so Flori stepped back and Bean backed up to sit atop the felled tree. They smiled and shared greetings as a group of silver-haired women hikers powered through.

One of the women held Flori’s gaze a little longer than comfortable and even looked back as she passed by, Flori just smiled and waved. She was getting used to curious looks whenever she was out with Bean. People tended to gaze longer when they saw her with her European boyfriend than they did when she was with her African-American husband. Bean noticed it too and fought back the urge to say, “take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

She also thought the look could be confusion if the woman knew her husband and recognized Flori from his pictures on social media. In that case, she might be thinking “why is Greg’s wife out hiking with some random white man?”

This thought made Flori chuckle. She shook her head in mild frustration. Her polyamorous life and open marriage was nobody else’s business— least of all complete strangers.

As the small group rounded the curve that led downhill to the park entrance, Flori stepped back into an embrace with Bean. They kissed deeply, Bean slipping his tongue into Flori’s mouth to explore and taste.

Things were heating up as Bean’s hands found their way into Flori’s stretchy leggings. He was gripping her plump ass, which had been calling to him through those tight pants all day. Bean held Flori against his hardness, which poked through his jogging shorts and pressed into her stomach from how he sat on the tree.

The two exchanged a knowing gaze as Flori ran her fingers lightly across his bulge.

Flori stepped back so that Bean could hop down and quickly drop his shorts before settling back on the tree where she could easily access his growing member with her mouth.

“Suck my cock and make me cum before we get more visitors,” Bean commanded in a whisper while holding back Flori’s curly hair. Hearing his words brought moisture to the heat between her thighs. They had already established her need to be dominated, so Bean knew what to say to get Flori going and keep her hot.

Flori looked up at Bean’s face as his cock disappeared into her warm mouth. He loved the look of his cream-colored cock disappearing into her soft painted lips. Flori slowly licked, sucked, and stroked him while moaning around his thickness. The taste of his pre-cum filled her mouth and made her hunger grow for more.

As her hunger grew, Flori stroked and squeezed Bean harder and faster. Then, Bean grabbed at Flori’s hair and pulled her mouth back and away from his cock. He held her there for a moment– in awe of the way the saliva glistened and led a trail back to her beautiful mouth.

He ordered her to pull her pants down and lean over the tree, and Flori wasted no time complying with his demand. She leaned over the tree where Bean had just been sitting and felt a light breeze blow across her exposed rear end.

Flori closed her eyes and listened to the sounds of nature, allowing herself to breathe and just be in the moment with Bean’s hands firmly on her hips. He rubbed his hardness over her wet mound several times before finally giving her what she wanted –no needed– the most right then. He pushed his way slowly into her hot honey and Flori let out a loud moan.

Her eyes flew open and her mind fell blank as she beheld the beauty of her surroundings. Tingles rushed down her spine as Bean stroked her gently from behind. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “This is our tree and our trail now. You’re mine baby and I’ll have you wherever and whenever I want you.”

“Mmmm, yes Daddy,” she moaned back softly. Her body gushing in response to his words.

Then, Bean began pumping harder and faster, the sound of his hips slapping against Flori’s ass grew louder with each thrust. The thrill of being in public, the fear of possibly getting caught, and the thought of having Flori as his own, all came together creating an exciting sensation that warmed over Bean’s entire body.

“I’m cumming, Flori! And I’m gonna cum so deep inside you,” Bean said through clenched teeth, sweat dripping off of his brow. He held tight on Flori’s hips and slapped against her twice again before holding still and steady while letting go. Bean emptied his seed and soul into Flori.

After a brief moment of silence, Flori squeaked, “Voices! Fuck, people are coming Bean!”

Before she got the final words out, Bean had already stepped back and reassembled his clothes. Flori bent over and quickly pulled up her pants, then she grabbed Bean’s hand as he led them back onto the trail and continuing uphill in the direction of the voices.

With every step, Flori could feel Bean’s seed emptying out of her and soaking her panties. Her clit was still swollen from the amazing pounding she had just been given. The way her panty rubbed against her sensitive bud while she walked combined with the thoughts and feelings of Bean’s cum leaking out made her stop, pull Bean to the side of the path, and squeeze his hand. She placed her head on his shoulder as a strong orgasm ripped through her body.

She heard Bean say, “Hello. How are you? Hi. How’s it going?” He was greeting the hikers passing by while rubbing Flori’s back to comfort her. She didn’t dare to look up and greet them as well. If she did, surely her face would be a giveaway about what had just occurred. She steadied her breathing and kept her head low until they had passed.

In the clear, she looked up and met Bean’s eyes. She didn’t have to say a word. He knew. He took her face in both hands, then gently brushed his lips against hers.

“Let’s get you home. We can come back to finish the trail tomorrow,” Bean said and together, hand-in-hand, they descended the trail back to the entrance with plans to return to Bean’s house and finish what they had started on the hike.


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Picture by Pexels.

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