A Wish Whispered in the Wind

The nights when we are apart, I think of you so often that it’s like you’re actually here next to me. I reach out to touch you in vain.


I smile, laugh, and then blush as vivid memories of us dance through my mind. Your face and body are different when it’s just you and me… I love how your eyes soften and your body hardens.

It must be magic.

You press into me and hold me close. Your breath and kisses on my neckline. I melt like sugar cubes over a flame producing that sweet sticky syrup that you love to taste. You do that to me.

You are magic.

A love spell cast around a beautiful soul. An aphrodisiac administered through a kiss. The duality of a powerful incantation whispered softly that first calms and soothes the soul, then later excites and ignites the body.

My life with you in it today is pure magic… conjured from a wish I whispered into the wind that made its way to you.

Image by Pexels.


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