You entered my life

in a moment of blue.

Shared just enough

for the words to be true.


Your life had taken

an interesting turn —

No kids, no marriage,

no love, no burn.


I get it, I thought.

Choose your path,

walk that line.

This life is too short

to wear another’s design.


I listened and heard

what I wanted to hear.

In the months that followed

you’d barely be there.


Never text just for hi

or a casual chat…

it’s “when can we meet?

You touch this, I’ll touch that.”


“Let’s just be friends” is

intolerable you say.

As I poured out my heart,

your reply was “Ok.”


You must have some benefit!

There must be some sex!

You must be indulged, or

else you’ll be vexed.


Surely, I knew

deep down from the start,

you could never appreciate

my open heart.


Image by Pexels.

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