Sarinah’s Sexy Solo

Sarinah hopped out of the shower and checked her phone first thing.

Water ran down her shoulders and back onto the towel wrapped tightly around her curvy naked figure.

“Yes!” she whispered. He had sent her a message telling her that he was thinking of her and the last time they were together. He said it had been too long and he wanted —no needed —to taste her.

“Send me another picture,” he texted, and she obliged after slipping on a baby blue pair of lace boyshort panties. She sent him a picture of her smooth brown thighs and barely covered rump.

“Mmm, I can’t wait to see you like this on Friday,” he replied.

But Friday was two days away. She pouted and settled in underneath the thick warm comforter on her Queen-sized bed, placing her phone on the nightstand. She wasn’t going to wait two days for a much-needed release.

Her hands rubbed slowly across her naked breasts. Her nipples responded instantly to the touch. She pinched at each one and closed her eyes, imagining those were his hands now slapping the tips of her breasts, harder and harder each time.

She exhaled and moved her hands slowly down the front of her body, grasping at the fleshy bits along the way —just like he grabbed at her when he wanted a taste— moving to the soul connection between her shapely thighs.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as the brush of her fingertips finally ignited the fire. Her head tipped back, eyes closed, she drew in a deep breath and began a gentle stroke of her moistness through her flimsy lace panties.

She exhaled in a long shaky moan. It felt so good.

In her mind’s eye, it was his hands touching her — and his mouth and tongue playing a soft rhythm against her mound.

She could see the top of his head with his salt and pepper hair bobbing up and down between her sun-kissed legs. Her fingers played what she saw and before long she was panting and thrusting her hips upward to meet her fingers’ firm strokes.

She could hear his deep accented voice beckoning her to rub her pussy on his face, so she did. In her hazy dream-like state, she could swear she felt his whiskers against her ass.

Then she heard her own voice softly pant, “Yess, lick me. I want to feel your tongue inside of me!”

Her fingers obliged. Peeling panties aside, she inserted two fingers deeply and began to stroke like the lick from his very talented tongue.

It was as if he was right here and his hands were under her hips… and his mouth and tongue were fully committed to bringing her to a place of explosive ecstasy.

Her slippery fingers now vigorously massaged her twitching bud. Her hips now circled and bounced her round ass on the bed. Her eyes clenched tight, and her breathing grew heavier from her heaving chest.

Back to a deep massage of her warm soaked walls, she was plunging three fingers deep and banging hard in rapid succession… in, in, in, in, in!

Then she pulled out and slapped her throbbing cunt until she couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Aaahhh!” she released, exploding large liquid squirts all over her bed. She trembled and rubbed more soothingly, while squeezing her thighs together as much as possible.

She exhaled and opened her eyes. Her body tingled all over.

Ping! Another message came through on her phone.

“Goodnight Princess. Remember, no orgasms until I’m there with you on Friday!”

She smiled knowingly and texted back, “Ok, sweetie. Goodnight.”

Well, he was kind of there…

Bad girl.



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Image by Pexels.


9 thoughts on “Sarinah’s Sexy Solo

      1. We did indeed!! I’m not sure you “learn how”. I think it just happens with the right person. It had never happened for my Queen with anyone else. It had never happened with a previous partner of mine either. We were both very surprised when it happened for the first time!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That makes sense! If I haven’t “learned” in 40+ years, it must be more about the connection and perhaps compatibility. I’m so glad you both discovered the thrill together! 🥰

        Liked by 1 person

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