Breeding Fantasy

I couldn’t believe it, our evening together had finally come. We’d been talking and dating for six months, and we had developed quite a special bond.

He asked if I trusted him enough to give myself to him completely. I didn’t know what he meant by completely, but I trusted him.

His finger moved lightly down my naked spine. His breath brushed warm and sweet near my trembling shoulder.

I wasn’t cold, just excited about what was to come… and nervous because it had been awhile since I was with a man in this very intimate way.

He had a soft silk cloth tied firmly around my eyes, so I could feel him and smell him, but I couldn’t see him. This, he said, was how he knew I trusted him and it made the moment even more exciting for me.

Behind me, his large warm presence brushed against me.

“Go slow,” I whispered.

“I plan to,” he replied, his mouth lingered in sweet kisses following the trail his fingers had forged down my spine toward my lower back.

I was frozen still and completely naked… exposed for his pleasure, on hands and knees, atop a soft plush blanket in front of a warm, crackling fire.

His big hands enveloped me, gripping my waist and then brushing up the front of my tummy to my eagerly awaiting breasts. He squeezed them gently… at first. But as my aching nipples responded, he squeezed harder and I felt his manhood rise behind me.

Gently, slowly, he eased his bulging tip into my heat below. He stopped there and held so very still, but I could feel the throbbing… and my muscles involuntarily squeezed around his teasing, eager for more.

He whispered what a good girl I’d been, saving myself all this time for him… knowing how many hard cocks I’d turned down and holding out until I could have his first.

“Good girl,” he said again with a sharp slap to my round brown ass.

I moaned and tried to push back onto his growing cock, but he firmly grabbed at my hips and held me still.

“Slowly babygirl,” he reminded me.

But there I was, starving and eager for more as his large hands circled my posterior and spread my fleshy cheeks apart… for better access? Or maybe a better view?

I had no idea what he was doing, but I trusted him. His touch was building a warmth in my stomach— stoking the wildfire between my legs. I inhaled deeply, breathing in the air warmed by the fire.

His tip was stretching my greedy cunt and I couldn’t wait for more.

“Please,” I begged. His thumb encircled my rear, while he pushed his tip into me just a little more.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum all over you,” I panted.

“It’s ok to let go. I’m here. Let go baby,” he encouraged.

I couldn’t hold it anymore. I let go and one wave after another washed over me. He held on tight and slowly pushed the rest of his steel into my spasms, and at the deepest point he held firm and still again.

I screamed, bursting in a final jolt that surrendered my entire body to his will.

I leaned forward on my elbows to rest as he began sliding in and out, telling me about how tight and wet my pussy was and how he wouldn’t last long because all he could think about was seeding me like we discussed.

He wanted to give me all of his cum —that I’d been waiting to have for six months now!

Then, he started fucking me so hard and slapping his hips wildly against my fat ass. He told me that he loved how it shook when he was hitting it hard.

He told me how he was going to fuck my ass just as hard later but that right now, all he could think about was cumming so far inside of me that we could make a baby.

“I’m going to breed you tonight, babygirl. You’re going to have my baby in there soon. Mmmm,” he moaned.

His balls slapping against my tender clit made me cum again and then he lost it… he bent forward and grabbed my breasts in a cross grip to hold me tight to him, his teeth sank into the dark brown flesh of my shoulder, and his cock began pulsing and spurting uncontrollably inside of me.

He moaned. He panted. He pulled out slightly and convulsed as I felt his warm seed running down my thigh.

He finished and growled into my shoulder, then with heavy breaths he laid me down and pulled me close, removing the silk cloth from my eyes.

His arms wrapped around my tummy as if protecting what we had just created.

“I hope I don’t have to wait another six months to do that again,” I giggled.

“It won’t even be six minutes,” he chuckled back.



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Image by Pexels.

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