Honey Pot Teaser

Tonight, you want to taste me like I tasted you last night…

Yes, Daddy.

I’ll move to the edge of the bed and lay back, knees bent but together. You’ve been wanting this for awhile but I’m going to make you wait some more…

You kiss and rub my legs, then tell me to open them for you, but I’m feeling bratty and I say “make me, Daddy!” I giggle. Your eyes narrow.

You put both hands on my knees and slowly muscle them apart, while I pant and grunt trying unsuccessfully to hold them closed. It’s no use. You’re too strong and you’re ready to have what you came for.

The exercise in futility has left my honey pot moist in anticipation of your mouth and tongue. My black thong underwear can barely contain my arousal and my pussy lips are spilling out on either side. One look and you feel your cock stiffen even more… he wants a taste too.



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Pic above of me by me.

Header pic from Pixabay.

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