Flashback Friday

Warning: Contains explicit language and graphic sexual references. Only for readers 18+.

I’m laying here in my new red corset thinking about that first time with you…

You lifted my delicate hand and took two fingers into your warm mouth.

Mmmm, I love your mouth.

You licked and sucked at my fingers like you had previously devoured my desire below. You kept a firm grasp on my wrist while you fed and you looked deeply into my eyes —letting me know you were completely in control.

Slowly then, you moved my hand and moist fingers to your naked lap, where waiting I found the source of your insatiable appetite. Still gazing into my eyes, you released my hand to lightly squeeze and stroke your strength.

My body was tingling touching you this way. My body was screaming for a silent powerful release. I knew you could read it on my face.

Ooo, and then I discovered a small sticky ooze at the tip of your love. My fingers found it and massaged it more eagerly into the glide.

Before long, your right hand was on my neck, and your left hand held my arm firmly as you pushed me back onto the pillow. Your gorgeous eyes were burning with a thirst that only my love could quench.

You were now above me with your hips positioned between my soft brown thighs. The heat between us was nearing combustion when your mouth dipped low and you nibbled and sucked at my thick lips. I opened my mouth and opened my legs wanting more… and you gave more.

Your hard thick cock pushed slowly into my softness and I thought I might have melted away. All I could feel was your fullness, your strength, and your love.

Do you remember?

You moved slowly into me heading for the deepest part and I gasped and my body gushed. The sound echoed into your mouth, which was still covering mine.

That night, in that moment, you stole my breath, my sound, and my soul. And I laid beneath your growing hunger, feeling the speed and power of your stroke consume all of me.

I surrendered.

I wasn’t sure when your hand moved to grip my leg, as if for more leverage for the plunge. I was panting and moaning… like a primal animal. The sounds only blended with the slapping and splashing of you inside of my liquid heat.

Finally, that hand and your thick skillful fingers found their way to my balloon knot, teasing and playing at the entrance. I was no longer in my right mind, there was no thinking —only feeling and loving.

Your fingers probed me from behind as the force of your cock in my wetlands reached full throttle. I felt the warm pulsing sensation start from my darkest secret place then move into the pool of our sexy bodies conjoined and into the pit of my stomach making a beeline to my heart.

My whole being convulsed. I never knew it could feel like that —until that night.

Do you remember spilling your seed into me, shuddering, and whispering our mutual secret desire?

I remember. I will always remember.


If you enjoyed this story or it inspires you to create your own sexy scene, then please like, comment, or share. I’m not ashamed to beg for it! 🙏🏾😁💛

BTW, do you like my new corset?

Pics of me by me. 💋


15 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. Dear I’m lost I’ve received round 10 ekauls buy mom I wrote we’re marked read they don’t even acknowledge any of me other writings. Just one about a corset I wanted to buy u a coffe but no acknowledgement of my problems ot posts just someone t who would like you to read a text ?? Help???


    1. Michael
      I red your post,collaredmicgael, a little lost here seems it was written I response to me and something I posted???your talking about wife and your decision to go to a belt,why? Fora fettish or??? Please advise why I got this in my inbox?? Maybe you posted to wrong recipient???


      1. I think your reply’s are for the special,or someone you can’t think nothing else about!You got a pose from a coladeralmichael referring to nothing I wrote but you seem to know it’s allright. I’m lost in this running of a business! Bye

        Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

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      1. Very good I finished my own story,just got to write it down in ink but got a mess to clean up first!!🤣🤣😅😊
        Told you your story was great! Now more of hours to read,hope I can get through without having to stop like last story?!😁

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Thanks,would love to sext to you,to sext your pussy straight to squirt and cream for my morning coffee!,god i could only imagine just how good u taste rubbed on your breasts, lips,neck/ears and belly to then kissing yiur neck ,ears and mouth sucking all off,then working way to breasts sucking and softly kissing them as your mouth sticky flavor attaches it’s sweet flavor to my toungue as We both begin to quiver in ecstasy ,then slither to yiur belly and button following my fingers to greet you with a big kiss where it all Baganto continue the steps back the way they came till you can’t take any longer and explode in ecstasy to heaven and bryond! I’ll bring you to verge of blackout anytime you want gorgeous!😘


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