She Likes Cream with Her Coffee

The air was cool and crisp, but the sun burned hot and bright forcing its way through the transient clouds in the early morning sky — it was exactly what you would expect on a late winter day in Southern California.

Sunny pulled up to the stadium in her dark blue mommy-station wagon. She rummaged through her purse searching for her chapstick. “What if he wants to kiss me?” she thought. She needed to moisturize and prepare for what she hoped would be a romantic first kiss with her new beau, Tom.

Tom stepped up to the car and tapped on the glass to get her attention. Startled, she dropped the purse and the chapstick and looked up like a deer caught in headlights! As the realization slowly emerged across her face, Sunny broke out in laughter and rolled down the window.

“Hi beautiful,” Tom beamed. “Didn’t mean to startle you.”

Sunny smiled, “It’s fine. I’m just glad that it’s you.”

“I brought you coffee silly girl,” Tom held up a cup of joe and the steam rose out of the cover and into the cool morning breeze. Sunny stepped out of her car and took the cup offered with a smile of gratitude. She needed coffee like most people needed air.

Tom looked delicious. His tall muscular frame cloaked in dark blue jeans and a warm sweater. His feet adorned in calf-brown cowboy boots that made his physique appear even more masculine and rugged.

“Thank you,” she said leaning forward to give him a kiss on the cheek. Her full and harnessed bosom lightly brushed across his body. As she pulled back, he couldn’t help but notice her round brown breasts peeking out through the low dip in the front of her blouse.

Together, they walked hand-in-hand up to the stadium entrance and into the stands to sit in the warm morning sun.

Sunny sipped her hot coffee and gazed into Tom’s gorgeous face and eyes. He really was very handsome.

She broke the gaze to look around, and take in the serene setting. At the far end of the field was an old battered scoreboard completely powered down. A little further left, she noticed two guys jogging slowly around the track that surrounded the field.

The air was otherwise quiet and calm. For the most part, Tom and Sunny sat alone in the huge stadium, talking quietly about their lives and sipping coffee.

The conversation took a sexy turn as they chatted about some of their more recent desires. Tom was craving the taste of her mouth. Sunny was craving the taste of his cock.

As he leaned in to kiss her, Sunny’s free hand made its way across the leg of his jeans and up to the stone hard center of his crotch.

“Mmmmm,” Tom moaned into her mouth as Sunny lightly stroked his hardness. He put the coffee cup down and used both hands to pull her closer and feel the soft curves of her body. Every touch of his strong hands stoked the flame burning between her thighs.

Before long, Tom stood and took her hand, “Let’s find a more private place to finish our conversation,” he invited. Sunny stood and followed. The excitement building with every step.

They made their way to a dark, secluded tucked-away space under the main stairwell. The moment they stepped into the narrow landing, Tom grasped for Sunny’s face and devoured her mouth—licking, sucking, and biting at her plump lips. Now it was Sunny who moaned, pressing her soft curvy body against Tom’s hard one.

The two were groping, kissing, and panting feverishly when Sunny descended to her knees in front of Tom. His eyes followed her in wide wonderment at what was happening.

With both hands she grasped his belt buckle and quickly released it. She then made quick work of the button and zipper on his pants before carefully reaching inside for the hard won prize.

She knew Tom was enjoying the moment when she heard him exhale sharply as she licked her fingers and began smoothly gliding them up and down his shaft, while dipping her mouth to lick and suck on his tightening balls. She loved how they felt in her mouth and eagerly continued to feed on his love sac before moving the attention of her thick lips to his growing pole.

Sunny licked on the bottom side from the base slowly up to the tip now leaking with precum. She closed her soft lips around him there and tasted the sweet honey on her tongue. She swallowed and immediately wanted more.

Her mind was racing with vivid scenes of his eruption in her mouth in this very public place. Sunny felt naughty and sexy, and very wet.

As she sucked more of Tom’s delicious cock into her hot wet mouth, she moved a hand to the growing moisture from the mound beneath her skirt. She rubbed and stroked her soft smooth lips below, dipping two fingers in while simultaneously shoving more of Tom into her salivating mouth. She pulled back and out of her heat below at the same time and then plunged forward with both.

Sunny was stroking Tom’s manhood with the same rhythm and force as she stroked in and out of her own wet hole below. It didn’t take long before Tom’s rock hard cock was jerking and spurting hot creamy cum down the back of her throat.

The warm feeling of his jizz squirting into her mouth while she vigorously rubbed her clit made Sunny moan deeply into her own orgasmic release.

The two melted to the cold hard ground. Tom pulled Sunny into his strong embrace as they both held onto each other trembling after the force of their finish.

Breathing in, then exhaling slowly, Tom leaned in and kissed Sunny deeply on her sticky mouth, “The perfect start to a beautiful friendship,” he whispered.

Sunny smiled and licked at his lips in agreement.


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Image by Pexels

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