The sun caught his hair and face at an angle and softened his rugged features. My eyes studied him intently in that moment and I knew that I wouldn’t forget it soon. I looked from his eyes to his lips and at that moment his tongue touched them lightly. I could only think about wanting my tongue to do the same.

We stood in silence, taking in the moment and each other, and then I saw a flash of desire in his eyes.

When our lips met, it was soft and tender. His hands moved gently up the sides of my thick hips and waist. Then, his hands trailed up the sides of my warm bare arms and onto my neck, finally stopping at my face. The excitement of his closeness and touch followed the trace of his hands up my body.

He was patient, taking his time to savor my mouth with deep, lingering kisses. His hands held my face as his thumbs lightly brushed my cheeks. His tongue licked at my lips and his teeth lightly grazed and followed.

I moaned and melted into him, but I stopped short of full surrender.

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