The Ocean of Life

The sound of the ocean

calms me.


In the moments

when I’m looking out

toward where the water

meets the sky,

I feel that it’s ok to not

have it all figured out

because the ocean

is too big to feel

we can ever conquer it

—and so it is about life.


My job isn’t to conquer

the ocean of life,

nobody’s coming

out of this bitch with a W.


Our job is just to learn

to navigate the rough

and unpredictable waters,

and sometimes

you have to goddamn swim

until help arrives.




Image by Pixabay

10 thoughts on “The Ocean of Life

  1. Lovely. When I was a kid I was walking along the shore, looking down at my feet as the waves washed my toes. The strange thing was that when I looked up, I was nearly waist high in water. It had drawn me in, hypnotised me. Really strange

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    1. Isn’t it amazing? Magnetic. And what a powerful memory. I have similarly lost myself and time in the ocean only to come back to shore and have to walk a long way to find where I started. 😁Thanks for sharing with me. I love hearing how others connect with the ocean. 💙

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      1. Loved 🏄 was drawn to the ocean as well,can remember those early sunrises waxing the board whatching the tide and sets to build,racing out to greet them say a lil prayer to the gods then be blessed to be given a ride,so quiet,just you and nature as one the ultimate feeling of self no team no knowone but u and the gods if you never have,I hope you do if even in a dream,nothing in the world like it!

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      2. I’ve never been surfing. I’m not a strong swimmer and I have too much respect for the Ocean to try it on my limited skills but I enjoyed your description. Sounds magical for sure!


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