You Deserve the Best Damnit!

The universe will guide you to your truth, if you can just listen. Sometimes she uses lessons and sometimes she uses words…

I recently met a nice guy. We started chatting and got along nicely, but in finding out about his marital status (married, not open) I had to pause.

Hmmm… I’ve been here before. “But,” says I. “Different circumstances.”

“Universe,” I ask. “Is this another test? So soon after the last?” You may recall that I recently ended a relationship like this… very painfully.

Then, this morning, I walk into the grocery store and there’s an older gentleman who works there near the door. He pulls out a cart for me, I take it and say thank you, wiping off the handle. Then he grabs another one and says, “Actually, use this one.”

I take the second cart offered but I’m curious so I ask, “What’s wrong with the first one?”

And he replies, “You deserve the best.”

True story.

It warmed my heart. Made me smile. It also conjured a few naughty thoughts… if I’m honest. 😆 I’ve been really horny (and alone) lately.

But there it is folks. Spoken in words… to my face. This stranger sees something in me that I have a hard time seeing in myself sometimes.

And so… I declined the opportunity to meet this nice gentleman and I’ll wait… because I deserve the best cart damnit!!

Kidding about the cart part, but do you see? Sometimes we keep trying to make do and there’s no rush, really, it’s ok to wait for what works best for you.

Has the universe ever spoken so clearly to you?

5 thoughts on “You Deserve the Best Damnit!

  1. It spoke to me when I began my blog. I knew I wanted to do something different with my photography, something that maybe hadn’t been done before. I took a day off and jotted ideas. Started doing columns of ideas but I got frustrated. Quite accidentally music was directly across from photography on a list of my passions. Coincidence or not, it led me on this path. Im glad you had this realization!

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  2. I can’t say the universe has ever spoken to me in that manner. If I am honest, I choose to believe that God speaks to me/us through many ways, and while I have heard his voice, it has been while.

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    1. I think when we ponder deeply and ask the tough questions, sometimes the answers break through the silence be it attributed to the universe, God, experience, reflection or any myriad of other things we could credit. But yes, sometimes the silence persists.

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