The View from Daddy’s Window Seat

Warning: Contains explicit language and graphic sexual references. Only for readers 18+.

Hi friends! The holidays kept me pretty busy, but I finally finished the second scene from Gabby’s story. If you haven’t read her first hot scene, Sir Anthony’s Adirondack Chaise, you gotta check it out. In the meantime below, we follow Gab as she visits boyfriend number two in New York. Pictures up ahead. 🔥

On Friday afternoon, when Gab arrived at JFK airport in New York, a driver was waiting for her. Her ripped skinny jeans hugged her shapely legs, while her heather gray cowl neck sweater draped more loosely over her voluptuous curves above. She always dressed warmly for a plane ride, and especially one to New York in the middle of winter.

The driver walked her to baggage claim making small talk about the unseasonably mild weather and traffic. They picked up her luggage and made their way to the garage, where a black town car with tinted windows was parked and ready to take her to Tim’s apartment in Queens.

Tim was one of Gabby’s three part-time boyfriends. They each knew about the others and it was their lifestyle choice and preference to share her. While she wasn’t exclusive with any one boyfriend, she loved them all and nurtured each relationship with great care and loyalty.

In the car, Gabby discovered a chilled bottle of champagne and warm curry chicken empanadas from her favorite spot in Bryant Park.

“Mmmm,” she let out a soft moan of pure delight as she bit into one. All she could think about was how much she loved this man, this beautiful man. Tim always took such good care of her on her visits. And even while she was at home, he made sure she had her heart’s delights.

Gab always looked forward to her time with Tim. He fulfilled her love kink in droves.

Yes, Gabby had an interesting… ummm… “love kink,” as she called it. It started out that she would get especially turned on if a man professed his love for her or her “assets” during lovemaking. Later, she noticed that it didn’t really matter how intimate the relationship, just the words “I love you” or “I love your ___” would turn her on.

She kept this to herself for a long time, of course, but now in this relationship with Tim. She could let her love-kink freak flag fly.

Tim’s show of affection made her body tingle and she craved him even more. She took out her phone and texted, “I’m here, love. You’re the absolute best! Is dinner at home tonight still ok?”

Ping! He replied right back, “Yep. Love you!”

Now she moaned again, but this time because of his message back. Fuck! This man!!

She put her head back and closed her eyes, then exhaled thinking about what naughty things Tim would do with her body later and what he would say as he entered her… The car made its way slowly through the busy city streets. Thankfully, the windows were tinted well because the champagne and the thoughts of Tim were making her really excited and she just needed to rub herself …down there, just a little bit.

Gab was discreet. She didn’t want to make the diver uncomfortable, but she managed to rub herself enough through those skinny jeans to have a sweet silent release that was delicious, but still left her craving Tim’s thickness.

The car pulled up to the tall brick building and the driver hopped out to help Gab with her luggage. She picked up the key from the front desk and rode the elevator all the way up to the top floor. Tim had the most amazing view of the city from his apartment.

Gab let herself in and poured another glass of the champagne, then she sat down in a window seat just opposite the dining room to take in the view, catch her breath, and text her peeps to let them know she arrived safely. She pulled out her laptop to update her blog and social media with news about the animal shelter fundraiser that she was organizing for next week. Done!

Now, she could focus on being here with Tim.

She unpacked her clothes, hanging dresses in Tim’s closet and using the drawer space that he left open for her.

In the empty drawer she found a little note with her name on it. She set it on the bed and unpacked a couple of special items that she bought just for her alone time with Tim: a sexy new romance novel for their reading time together, a sleek black corset for later, a small gemstone anal plug, and a bottle of vanilla-scented massage oil.

Gab sat on the bed and opened the note from Tim.

“Gabby, I’ve been waiting weeks to see you again and touch your soft brown skin. You know how much I love your skin. Sometimes, at night, I close my eyes and I smell your fragrance as if you were lying right next to me — well tonight you will be. See you soon. I love you, Tim.”

His note made her nipples tingle and stand at attention. She kissed the note, returned it to the drawer with the other items, and slowly but firmly squeezed each of her breasts and nipples through the sweater as if to reassure them that help was on the way!

After a long work week, she knew a quiet night in would be just what Tim needed.

When the doorbell rang, she remembered that she had ordered groceries to be delivered. She put everything away, except for the ingredients for tonight’s meal,which she began to prepare.

“Alexa, play music from my 90s R&B playlist,” she said out loud and Tim’s AI home pod obliged. He had setup a few playlists just for her enjoyment.

She took another sip of the champagne. Now she was ready to cook.

Toward the end of her preparations, she looked up and noticed the time, 5:00 p.m. Tim would be leaving the office soon she thought, so she turned the fire to simmer on the stovetop and went to the bedroom to shower and change into her corset. She glanced in the mirror to check out her dark, thick curvy thighs. Maybe it’s too revealing for dinner…

Her thoughts were interrupted by keys turning the lock, so Gab hurried out to the dining room and gave one more glance over the table set for two… wine poured, candles lit. She looked up and met his beautiful gaze as he walked into the room.

Oh… and that smile! He flashed his beautiful smile and her heart tumbled in her chest.

“This is for me?” he knowingly queried, still smiling. The apartment smelled like the warm vanilla candles that were burning with a hint of something delicious coming from the kitchen.

“All for you,” she replied and then suddenly, she felt extremely vulnerable and exposed. She stood still but awkwardly crossed one leg in front of the other as if to shield her from the embarrassment of being half naked at the dinner table. She didn’t know why she was overcome with shyness all of a sudden. It’s not like Tim hadn’t seen it all.

As if he read her mind, Tim moved across the room and directly in front of Gab, grasping her face in his hands he tilted her head so that she could look directly into his eyes. He murmured something about how good it was to see her and then his mouth covered hers.

Gab had been hungry for him all day, and apparently the feeling was mutual as she felt the metal in his pants press against her and smelled his familiar sexy cologne.

Slowly he moved Gab backwards, kissing her mouth, tasting her tongue and rubbing her body through and around the corset. He backed her into the window seat and she sat smiling up at him, her face just in front of the large erection in his pants.

“Let me wash up, and I’ll be right back. Don’t move!” he ordered. Gab smiled and nodded, but of course she was going to move. The moment he disappeared into the bath, she hopped up to turn the simmering fire off on the stove and bring a pot of chilli and warm homemade cornbread from the oven to the table.

As she was placing the dishes onto the table when Tim reappeared, “Hmmm… I told you not to move.”

“I know, Daddy, but…” she was going to sweet talk him with her explanation, but he cut her off by grasping both wrists and pulling her in tightly to him.

“You don’t listen so well, do you little girl?” he said in a low deep growl. He dimmed the lights, then moved her backward to the window seat again, but this time he forcefully turned her around to face the window and the beautiful final phase of the sun setting across the Bronx-Whitestone bridge and the emerging city skyline and lights.

“Put your hands on the seat and don’t move,” he directed. In this position, Gab’s plump round rear was exposed in the tiny thong that she had on below the corset… definitely too revealing she thought now. She felt even more exposed. What was he doing? He’s taking his sweet…

“Wahhh!” she let out a yelp as a small paddle connected with her rear end. Fuck, she thought — startled, but she didn’t say a word.

Smack!! Tim slapped her ass with the paddle once again. The second time felt even harder than the first. It really stung, but it was also turning her on. Gab loved to be spanked, usually Tim used his hand and it wasn’t much of a punishment for her sass or disobedience, but this… fuck, this paddle thing was new.

Tim paused and rubbed two fingers across her lovely lady bits and felt what he was looking for — her moist response, he stroked her slowly in and out, then bent forward to kiss her heated rear. Wow, she was starting to drip, so he pulled his fingers out and gave her one final (or so she thought) smack on the backside.

“Damnit! Motherfucker!” Gab let out, and then immediately begged for forgiveness. “Sorry lover, it just slipped out. I’m sooo sorry! Pleeeassse,” she looked backed at him over her shoulder but kept her hands on the seat. Tears were forming in her eyes and that turned him on too.

“Oh, I’m a motherfucker?” he said smirking. “I forgot what a little foul mouth you had, baby girl.”

He leaned over her body now, his hardness poking and rubbing against her moisture. Tim grabbed her face and squeezed it, “I guess you need a reminder of just what a motherfucker I can be.”

He licked her mouth, she tasted like champagne. Then, he kissed her deeply again, but this time it was rougher. He pulled back and spit on her face, daring her to curse at him again. He was in primal mode and would take what he wanted now, but he would love her sweetly later… after dinner.

Right now, he just needed to be inside of her. It had been too long.

“Open that sweet pussy for me, Gabby. You know I love it. You know I need it,” he growled in her ear as he pulled back. Gab felt tingles all down her spine when he said he loved it and she complied, reaching back she moved her thong to one side and grabbed at her round ass cheek to hold it open so he could see his pink target… and also the small pink gemstone anal plug she had inserted earlier.

“Mmmmm,” he growled as he plunged in, then began a vigorous and deep thrust into her.

Gabby moaned louder as the thickness she was longing for was now filling her completely. Her ass was still stinging and burning from the paddle, but she didn’t mind the smacking of his hips against her given the tremendous pleasure she was now experiencing between her thighs. Her legs began trembling and shaking with every subsequent plunge.

For Tim, Gab’s hot little pussy was getting wetter with each stroke and that feeling of a long-awaited release was climbing as he pounded into her, harder and faster. She was looking back at him now. Her beautiful face and mouth covered in ecstasy.

Then she screamed and her milky wetness coated his cock as spasms took over her body. She returned her hand to the window seat in front of her and held on while she came all over him, again and again.

Tim was spinning into the trance of the stroke and he lost himself in that amazing feeling of warmth and uncontrolled squeezing on his hard shaft. Fuck, that was it! He let go and pulled out spilling himself forcefully in long hard spurts all over Gab’s back and in her hair, on her shoulder, and on the window seat as well.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed. “Damnit, Gab. That’s too good.”

He sank into the seat beside her and pulled her onto his lap, kissing her sweetly now.

“I love you,” he soothed as he kissed her deeply. Gab squeezed her thighs together and came once again, this time in his arms. Tim hugged her cum-covered frame to him as she shuddered. He knew her body and kinks so well.

“I love you too, Daddy” she replied, her voice shaky and barely above a whisper.




Pics of me by me. 😊

Would you like to see the pink gemstone anal plug installed?



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