Decoding the Universe

Consider if everything in our universe has a vibration that could be measured…

Consider the vibrations of sound —music, noise, speech…

Consider how the vibrations of the sound of your name and your name itself can impact your life journey in our universe…

Considering all of that, how would you select a name for your child?

Numerology provides some great insights into the characteristics imprinted on our souls through the vibrations of our names.

If you could only secure the vibration of one trait for your child, what would you select?

Wisdom, curiosity, leadership, happiness/joy, kindness? Tell me, what you would choose if you could only choose one…

Recently, I’ve been reading about numerology and I’m slightly obsessed. I’ve always had a fascination with numbers. As a child, I actually enjoyed math because it made sense— there was always a set process to figure out the correct answer and I loved the feeling of being right (or to put it in nicer terms “obtaining knowledge” 😜).

As I got older, I found that I was drawn to certain numbers and certain categories of numbers (like evens vs odds, etc.). I even liked guys more if I liked their birthdate! 😐

My husband calls me superstitious. My friends call me quirky. Either way, learning more about numerology is now helping me to understand why I am as they perceive me.

Today, while stuck in the traffic of school drop offs, I had plenty of time to think— one of my favorite pastimes.

The words curiosity, enlightenment, thought, and kindness kept vibrating in my brain so I figured I would spend some time exploring why.

In so doing, I immediately got a visual of a life journey as if it were a road trip (side note: I actually love a good road trip! Oh, but I hate to drive, lol). On this trip, we need something with an engine to propel us forward — this is curiosity.

Stay with me…

Once the engine gets us going, we begin to encounter the world we live in on this journey. There are many paths and the knowledge we gain through these encounters with our world (if we pay attention) can lead to enlightenment — a peaceful, harmonious understanding of our universe and our place within it (my definition, not Webster’s 🧐).

Our thoughts (and time spent on reflection and meditation) can become the compass that we need to select heart-centered paths toward enlightenment. But we don’t always think before we do and that can cause detours, or off-road types of experiences.

Still, the greatest reward is in manifesting kindness at every stop, detour, or destination point in our life journey.

I tell my kids to think before they speak, not everything observed needs to be spoken. Still working on this myself, to be honest…

But if speak you must, then speak the truth and do it with kindness.


Kindness can be the hardest trait to manifest for some. It can be hard to conjure kindness after some of the egregious life events we encounter on our journey. But kindness heals the soul. I have seen this first hand. In the most painful circumstances, a measure of kindness can restore hope. It vibrates warmth and channels well-being.

If we can learn to express the experiences and lessons from our life journey through kindness, then we can create spaces of peace, harmony, and acceptance.

No, I haven’t been drinking yet, but I have had coffee— of course.

So tell me what you think of all my thinking in the comments below.

More sexy scenes coming soon, I promise!


9 thoughts on “Decoding the Universe

  1. Boom! This is such a meaningful post. I’m actually bookmarking it because I want to return to it again. Its also very astute and profound. I can definitely subscribe to much of what you say here. Well done!

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  2. Your ok with this thinking,just know that it’s not that hard to figure out,most in the universe is simple but hard that’s cause we overthink much of it,it’s soft,simple and there if we learn to listen to her. This world of ours is always made harder to understand by humans we think there’s so much more to it than there is to it,but it’s not we need to listen more,to do so we must humble ourself ,get rid of our egoistic self quiet your thoughts and just listen it will give you your answers if we only do so,so quite and listen you may get your answers too?

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    1. Thank you for sharing such thoughtful words.

      I agree. I’m not sure why listening is such a difficult task to master. I think maybe we see it as too passive but it’s not, the idea is to actively listen and collect information so we can think about it and understand directionally where we should go… at least that’s what I think. All the other meaningless “activity” can get in our way of listening.

      Thanks again! 😊🙏🏾


    1. It’s frighteningly accurate so far. Random patterns are still patterns, and patterns are part art, part science (e.g., truths that can be tested and proved). I guess I’m fine with using it to add another layer of understanding about the universe and how we all connect. I mean what else do we have to do in our time on this rock but try to find meaning and peace… and pudding!! 😊

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