Sir Anthony’s Adirondack Chaise

Gabriella, Gab or Gabby to her closest friends, pulled out the chair in front of her espresso-colored oak desk. She placed a piping hot cup of coffee down on the coaster next to her keyboard and sat. Her eyes trailed across the contents of the neatly organized L-shaped surface, and she smiled. Her beautiful full lips curling upward in satisfaction.

She had just returned from an amazing week with Anthony, and he had given her a beautiful pair of Kate Spade sunglasses as a goodbye gift. She loved being his part-time girlfriend.

Anthony was sweet and passionate, and he loved taking care of her, but he also had a dark Daddy Dom side and he expected to be worshipped.

And so, Gab always treated Anthony like a king. When her king was happy, he made sure she was too.

During her week (or weeks) with him, she would organize his personal and social schedule. Anthony took Gab to many fun events and parties, delighted to have a smart, gorgeous, and attentive woman on his arm.

Gab planned dinner menus for their nights in, she got his coffee and breakfast every morning before he left for the office, and she packed his lunch. She also cleaned his house, and probably her favorite part was their little ritual every evening when he came home.

Anthony would text when he was leaving the office and Gab would draw a hot bath in his deep soak-in tub for when he arrived home. She would kiss him at the door —and not just a peck on the cheek. Gab would lick tenderly at Anthony’s mouth and open her luscious sweet lips so that he could sample her desire. She hugged her curvy soft frame to his tall, muscular one and felt his desire begin to awaken. Then, she would settle him into his bath with a glass of cognac before getting back to finishing dinner or preparing for their evening out.

This was the routine Anthony came to love and count on when Gab was in town with him. And Anthony loved to fuck… hard.

There were tender moments of love making but more often than not, Anthony wanted Gab to suffer sweetly on his cock. He had a sadistic side that perfectly matched Gab’s darkest need for submission and deep humiliation.

Gab, being polyamorous, had three part-time boyfriends currently. She was highly selective and only dated from an exclusive group of approved guys.

It may seem like a strange arrangement for traditional monogamous folks of course, but it worked well for Anthony, Tim, and Max — Gabby’s three boyfriends. They each knew about the others and Anthony, being Gab’s longest running beau, had to approve of the other two before they came on board —so to speak.

This was their arrangement. Each boyfriend blocked off weeks of time with Gab, sometimes months in advance. For the moment, she was quite content with her three loves. Yes, it was love and each so different, but yet so rewarding.

She knew that if people knew the truth about her relationships, they would call her a whore or try to publicly shame her, so she kept the details and specifics of the arrangements to herself. Her friends and family knew she was dating, but nothing serious, and that’s how she kept it.

On Wednesday, the day before Gab traveled back home to Los Angeles from Scottsdale where Anthony lived, they had planned a quiet evening in. Gab made lobster tails and roasted asparagus for dinner. They ate out on the back patio in front of a warm fire that Anthony built in the fire pit overlooking his large bottom-lit in-ground pool.

She had all the fixings for smores ready to go for their dessert, but Anthony had other plans for the milk chocolate and marshmallows.

He told Gabby to remove her dress and lay back on the reclining Adirondack chaise lounge. He had a warm blanket at the ready to lie underneath of her nakedness.

As Gab undressed, Anthony melted some of the chocolate and marshmallows in a bowl over the fire.

The night air was cool, but the fire pit had Gab feeling warm and toasty even if her nipples said otherwise. She relaxed back in the chaise, closed her eyes and imagined what was to come.

She felt the tingles of anticipation between her thighs and exhaled into her desire.

Anthony made his way to her side with the bowl of melted chocolate and marshmallows. He pulled a side table closer to Gab and set the bowl down on it, then brought his chair around to the side of the table.

He looked at Gab’s curvy brown body glowing in the light of the fire. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling. Anthony felt his groin tightening at the thought of her mouth.

He leaned forward and kissed her, then tied her wrists to the armrests on each side of her body. He kisses her again.

Gab didn’t open her eyes. She just opened her mouth to taste Anthony’s lips on her own. His hands found her round breasts and he caressed and massaged them. Then he pinched each nipple really hard until he heard her moan.

Anthony was fully aroused now but he backed off remembering the chocolate mixture he planned to lick slowly from every inch of her voluptuous body.

With that thought, he sat back and picked up the bowl of chocolate-marshmallow melt, then dipped a large silicone basting brush into the bowl to stir the warm mixture and test it on the back of his hand.

Perfect, he thought.

Next, he began to cover Gabby’s body from her neck down to her thighs with the chocolatey mixture. It smelled divine and his mouth was watering.

The sensation of the soft brush strokes over her body made Gabby moan, especially when he touched the brush to her aching nipples and then again when he brushed her steaming hot mound — and that’s where he stopped.

Anthony then completely undressed himself and straddled Gab’s chair, then began licking the melted chocolate that was smeared across her body.

Anthony devoured her like a hungry wolf on top of his prey.

He took his time on her breasts, licking, sucking and even biting feverishly. Gabby moaned. She was soaking wet now.

Anthony stood up and edged closer to Gab, his erect member just at her hot mouth. He smeared some of the chocolate on the tip of his hardness.

But Gab’s eyes were still closed, so Anthony smacked her face to get her attention. The smack was sharp and fast, but not too hard. It stung and her eyes popped open.

“Open your mouth and suck my cock, you dirty little whore!” Anthony commanded. His hands now entangled in her curly long hair as he pulled her forward to taste him.

Gab immediately opened for him and sucked in as much of him as she could. Mmmm chocolate, she sucked and swallowed and couldn’t get enough.

He pulled his wet cock from her mouth and smacked it on her thick full pouty lips, then said, “Get all of the chocolate off, you greedy slut!”

Gab’s hands were opening and tightening in place, still tied down, and she took his thick vein-popping cock into her mouth once more. Anthony’s hips were moving faster and each time he thrusted he got deeper, so deep that Gab gagged lubricating Anthony’s glistening cock with so much of her hot saliva.

As Anthony pulled back the trail of saliva continued from the tip of his rock-hard cock to her full painted-red lips. Anthony loved looking at Gab this way. He grabbed her neck with one hand and brought his mouth down on hers to taste her soft wet lips.

Mmmm, he groaned.

Backing up he continued the journey south licking the chocolate from her torso, her stomach and then her thighs–

Her thick lovely thighs.

Anthony slapped one side and watched her leg respond. He slapped the other thigh harder and Gabby yelled out.

“Good! I want to hear you scream when I’m fucking you Gab, but right now I’m gonna eat your beautiful Black pussy. I want that chocolate pussy all over my face. Stand up!”

She did as he commanded, it wasn’t easy with her hands still bound on either side, but she stood straddling the chaise with her naked body. Anthony then laid on his back and edged himself underneath of her.

Taking a firm hold on her hips, Anthony lowered Gab to set her chocolate covered lady parts on his mouth and eagerly began licking at her sweet treat. Gab held onto the armrests on either side of her, closed her eyes and began to grind her hips back and forth, forcing Anthony’s tongue deeper into her honey pot.

Mmmm, she moaned, feeling a strong sensation making its way up her body. She squeezed at the armrests, while her nipples stood at attention in the night air. The fire crackled and roared anew in front of them.

The air smelled like smokey sex and smores.

Anthony continued to explore the layers and levels of her love— licking,sucking, and at times nibbling on her sweetness below. That’s when the tremors began, and once they started Gab shook uncontrollably against Anthony’s tireless mouth and tongue, but he didn’t let up. He held tightly on her hips while she bucked and swayed, almost like a professional cowboy he was on for the full ride.

Finally, Gabby collapsed backwards and Anthony pulled forward and let her ease back into the chaise, completely spent.

He wasn’t done with her though and he untied her wrists and helped her turn over to lay flat on her stomach with her legs apart. Gab’s head facing to one side on the soft blanket and her eyes closed tightly, she was still feeling the tremors from that powerful orgasm.

Then she felt the warm brush of chocolate across her back. It felt like a spa treatment, especially when Anthony’s strong muscular hands found her bottom— squeezing, then massaging, and finally slapping her with hard deliberate blows. She felt her cheeks heating up and not from the fire pit.

As Anthony massaged her thickness, he declared, “I love looking at you like this, princess. You made your Sir happy and very hard tonight.”

“Yes, Sir,” Gab whispered.

“My tongue made you cum… You came all over my face, didn’t you kitten? Well, guess what?” he paused for the effect.

“It’s my turn,” he whispered in Gab’s ear as he leaned over her and rubbed the tip of his engorged meat against her slippery soft opening.

Then, Anthony licked hungrily at the chocolate on her back before biting down into the soft flesh of her shoulder while at the same moment pushing himself into her heat below. Gabby cried out from the tremendous pleasure as Anthony proceeded to slowly and deeply grind his hips against her soft, round backside.

He continued licking, sucking, and nibbling at the now sticky chocolate-marshmallow mixture on her back. He bit down again indicating another shift in intensity. His hips began to stroke her faster and his hands reached up to grab her ponytail for more leverage as he began pounding her harder.

The sound of flesh slapping flesh was loud and sexy.

Anthony smelled the chocolate on Gabby’s skin and then felt her wetness tighten around him as she bucked underneath of him with another wave of pleasure. He drove in deep and held still to feel her pussy muscles spasm around his thickness.

His head fell back and he exhaled now holding tightly onto her hips. Anthony began pounding Gabby once more— hard, fast, and deep!

Feeling the sensation of a strong orgasm moving from the pit of his stomach and deep in his balls to his groin, he pulled out, gasping for air, and spilled himself onto Gab’s back. The force of his orgasm was so strong it shot streams of his hot semen up to the top of her back, onto her shoulder, and into her hair.

“Fuck! You naughty vixen,” he exclaimed and sank backwards into the chair beside the chaise Gabby was laying on.

She laid there silently for another few minutes before getting up and gingerly walking into the house and to the master bathroom to draw a hot bath. She lit candles and slipped in to begin washing off, then Anthony joined her shortly after with two glasses of champagne— slipping into the deep tub behind her, where the two of them sat relaxing and talking until the water began to cool.

That’s what she thought about now as she sat at her desk at home. Her mind was stuck on the sweet intimate time in the tub with Anthony.

She chuckled remembering a joke he told her, then she clicked on her computer and pulled up her calendar.

“Ah yes, tomorrow I head to New York for two weeks with Tim. Time to start my laundry and get packing,” she felt a new rush of excitement as she began thinking of the last time she was with Tim.


Images by Pexels

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