Me Time [NSFW Video]

WARNING: This post contains graphic nudity, so 18+ only please.

If you’re queasy or skittish about viewing pussy up close, then you’ll want to skip this post. 🛑

Hi friends! First off, seasons greetings!! Hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit.

I am working on a new scene that should be finished this week if I can just stop playing with myself long enough to write the ending! So stay tuned.

If you’re brave and unafraid to see what my 44-year-old pussy looks like, then please continue.

Here’s the backstory…

After my monthly waxing appointment, I usually head home and apply a bit of cocoa butter to soothe the area and keep my skin soft. I decided to record my routine and share it here for anyone who might be interested in how I take care of my freshly waxed pussy during what I call “Me Time.”




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