He Only Loves My Lips

This is NOT a true story. Of course Sir loves all of me, but please indulge my creative brain that imagines what if… he only loves my lips.


He only loves me for my lips. I know it, even if He says different.

It’s the way He looks at my mouth when I speak, and the hunger when we kiss that has me convinced. He fell in love with my mouth, but not for the intellect conveyed… no, but for the voluptuous beauty and softness on full display.

“Kiss me,” He says and I do, every time Sir demands it.

I want Him to love my mouth, as a gift. I want Him to use it. Touch it. Claim it. Bite it. Choke it. Own it.

So I relinquish these lips to Him every moment I can. I give Him what He loves and what He craves. I kiss Him back deeply, opening my soft lips to His eager tongue.

I trail kisses across His face and down His neck, pausing at times to rest my tender lips against His skin and breathe in what longing smells like the closer I get to the place He wants my lips to be the most.

Lick my lips, then moisten them and continue their journey… south.

“Now, spread your legs, Sir and let my lips love You in return,” a bold request from a servant of love.

A flick of the tongue dancing across the top. The tip of my tongue meeting with steel, or something just as hard… and now melt these soft plump lips over the tip and ease them down.

“Mmmm, I love how You look at me, Sir,”I pant.

He relishes my red-painted lips on His smooth skin.

He wants to tilt His head back and breathe, but He can’t pull His eyes away from them— His love. Up and down, He disappears inside of my softness, and every time He gets closer to spilling the truth.

“Mmmm, I love your mouth,” He murmurs.

And there it is, what I’ve known since the day we met.

“I know, Sir. Love my mouth. Love me hard. Let me drink the juice of Your love and never forget,” I moan.

And then it happens…

He erupts, gushing loads of hot sticky white lava all over my beautiful lips and inside my smart mouth and on my slick wet tongue. I swallow His love and cherish every drop of the truth He gives me.

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