A Spooky, Sexy Halloween Scene (MMF+M)

I know, I know… Halloween is over. I missed posting this story in time for Halloween, but it took me a longer time to finish this spooky, sexy fantasy. I hope it doesn’t scare you too much! 🤭

Just keep an open mind and try to enjoy it! 🎃

When I arrived, the party was already in full swing. 90s hip hop music was on a low bump through the speakers in the large mid-century modern living room. People in costumes and masks were pooling together in small friendly groups spread across every corner of the beautiful hillside home.

I looked at my phone again to check the time and then texted my best friend, Mac. He left before me, why isn’t he here?

Mac’s work buddy, Cruz, was hosting this festive adult Halloween party. Everyone was told to dress spooky or sexy. I opted for my sexy black cat costume because… well, it just suits my personality.

I’d only met Cruz once before, but I thought maybe I could find him and he could introduce me to others until Mac arrived. Mac is such a fucking diva!

I moved slowly through the dimly lit rooms… a half naked devil with a crazy six pack and horns smiled and nodded in my direction. I waved my black paw and slipped into the next room thinking, “Not today, Satan.”

That thought made me laugh— out loud. As I walked along grinning at my cleverness, I felt arms envelop me from behind. I should’ve been startled, but I’d know this scent anywhere…

“Mac!! You’re late!” I whipped around to squeeze his scrawny neck and paused at his costume. Before me stood a tall, handsome yet frighteningly gruesome vampire. Mac’s makeup was flawless… “Whoa, dammmn sweets. You look amazing!”

He smiled flashing his white pointed teeth and said, “Yeah, that’s why I’m late. You can’t rush purrfection, kitten.”

I laughed. Yeah, someone was really feeling himself tonight.

Before I could jab him, Mac grabbed my paw and led me through the sitting room, into the kitchen, and then out to the back patio.

“I want you to meet someone,” he said as we worked our way toward a group standing beside a bar in the huge, hauntingly decorated backyard.

I smiled as we walked up and recognized Cruz, who was decked out in a werewolf costume, his bare muscular arms bulging from a ripped plaid shirt. My breath caught in my chest as he looked at me with stunning hazel eyes and smiled back. I never gave Cruz a second glance when we first met, but something about the wild werewolf vibe had me feeling like a feline in heat.

“Good Evening!” Mac said as we approached, using his best and deepest Dracula voice. Everyone laughed.

“Cruz, you remember my bff, Patty, right?” Mac started.

“I do. Hello, kitten,” Cruz smiled and leaned in for a strong embrace and a kiss on the cheek that seemed to trail his mouth slowly toward mine.

Damn, he’s hot! I stepped back to gulp some air and get ahold of myself.

Next, Mac introduced me to Freddy Kruger, a nerdy Aquaman, Frankenstein, who was there with his bride, and a sexy half-naked zombie named Tim (his real name).

Then Mac says, “Tim’s a writer like you…” and I knew it was code to tell me that was who Mac wanted me to meet. He turned and strolled off toward the bar. “I’ll get drinks,” Mac muttered over his shoulder.

Tim and I hit it off.

He was super cute and way more accomplished a writer than me. I was basking in his glow when another set of hands found my hips from behind. I thought it might be Mac with another drink— I had already downed three— but to my surprise it was Cruz!

“How are you feeling, kitten?” he asked. “Can I get you another drink?”

I should have said no, but I paused to contemplate and to feel more of Cruz’s hard body against mine.

“Sure, but only if you join us,” I purred and sank back just a little to brush my bottom against the hardening front of his pants.

“Tim? Another?” he asked. Tim nodded in the affirmative and Cruz swept away promising to return shortly with fresh drinks.

While he was gone, I moved in closer to Tim and confessed my attraction to both him and Cruz. I asked if he’d ever had a ménage a trois?

“Actually, I have, princess. At 48, there’s only a few items left on my bedroom to do list,” he smirked and then added, “Also, I’m bi and yeah, he’s cute.”

He then proceeded to tell me about all of the delicious things he’d been thinking of doing to me all night, like warming up some massage oil and rubbing his hands slowly all over my body. Things were definitely heating up!

Before I knew it, Cruz was walking up with three drink cups in his hands.

“Here you go, beautiful,” he said extending a cup in my direction. I took it and sipped the strong fruity concoction. I felt it warm my throat and then my chest as I swallowed.

While I savored the delicious treasure before me, Cruz and Tim were whispering to each other. Then, Cruz took my hand and said, “Tim mentioned that you might be interested in having us both worship you tonight?” He smiled then added, “Just say the word, kitten. We’re all yours!”

“Mmmm,” I moaned and then turned to look for Mac. “I’m really turned on, and I do want this experience, but I need Mac to be with me.”

Tim offered to get Mac and meet us up in Cruz’s bedroom. I agreed. This gave me time to catch up with Cruz and find out if he was bi as well. He said he wasn’t, but that he was alright with Tim sucking his cock.

My Gawd, this is going to be hot!

His room was huge. The soft plush carpet sank under my feet as I stepped in and let my eyes sweep over the more contemporary decor. He had a huge king size bed covered in black and blue pillows. The wall next to the bed was covered with full-length mirror panels allowing a view of every inch and angle of the room… and bed.

Once in the room, Cruz pulled me in and we kissed passionately. His wild werewolf hair and ripped clothes made it feel a bit primal. Cruz’s hands were rubbing and lightly scratching my lower back, then slowly he moved them south to cup and squeeze my chubby backside.

I needed to feel his touch against my skin so I slid my dress down and stood before him in my black satin bra and lace panties, still donning my black cat ears and paws. It was playfully flirty and hot.

At that moment, there was a light knock on the door and Tim’s deep voice asking to come in.

Tim and Mac entered together. Mac came over and hugged me. He whispered in my ear, “Are you okay, princess? Is this what you want?” I squeezed him tight in gratitude for always being there for me. “Yes,” I whispered back. “Will you stay? You know what I need.”

“Of course,” Mac agreed.

Tim was now sitting at the edge of the bed, his eyes glued on Mac and I, not quite sure what to make of us. But we’re used to this look.

Mac kissed my cheek, then lightly slapped my ass and told me to take off my bra and get on the bed. I did as I was told. Mac told Tim that it was ok to touch me, so he began rubbing my legs, while Cruz climbed naked into the large comfy bed next to me, his werewolf hair and makeup still intact.

Mac dimmed the lights to just a minuscule glow, so now most of the light in the room came from the full moon in clear view from the floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door that led to Cruz’s private balcony.

Cruz was kissing me deeply with his delicious tongue and worshiping my boobs, as Tim was massaging my legs and moving up to the inside of my thighs. Mac took my phone from the bedside table and started a sexy playlist we had put together a few weeks ago. He also took a few pics for memorabilia, as he settled into an armchair across the room.

I rolled over and raised myself up to my hands and knees just in between Cruz’s legs, and began a slow, sultry tongue massage on his cock and balls.

The music was a sultry slow jazzy R&B tune. It really helped to build the mood for the three of us.

Tim massaged my ass, then slowly peeled my panties to one side and dove in, his mouth devouring my moisture. Mmmm, his tongue was dancing across my clit and filling my pussy and body with the most thrilling sensations.

I licked and sucked on Cruz’s cock, dipping my head low to take his thick longing cock deep into my throat. I heard his breath quiver whenever I did that and it made my pussy drip.

Tim eagerly licked and sucked at my clit, then buried his tongue and face deep into my pussy. I pushed back onto his face, wiggling my ass to feel every inch of his tongue inside of me. His tongue then went to work stroking my hot little button repeatedly. That was it, I moaned as I felt a shiver move over me and I unleashed all over Tim’s face and tongue.

Cruz put both hands on either side of my face beckoning me to move up and kiss him, so I did even though my legs were now weak. He held my hair back firmly in his hands and plunged his playful tongue into my mouth. It darted in and out, then licked at my full lips, his teeth came down to nibble and savor as well.

I felt the heat of his member rising between my legs as I straddled him to rub my wet heat over his growing bulge. From behind, Tim ran his hands over my soft brown skin, then took ahold of my waist and guided my slick opening over Cruz’s hot pole. I slid up and down several times before I felt Tim’s tongue on my asshole and licking at Cruz’s cock whenever I raised up.

Fuck, it felt amazing!

Cruz was breathing hot and heavy. Apparently he thought so too.

The next song we heard was more upbeat and had a sick drum beat. Maybe it made Tim think about beating his hard meat into my ass because his mouth left my asshole and Cruz’s cock. He kissed his way up my back, positioned himself behind me, and then he slowly pushed the head of his beautiful thick cock into my ass.

“Ahhh,” I squeaked. The entrance of anal was always a little achy and crampy, but the reward would cum later if I could just relax.

I leaned forward over Cruz who had been pinching my dark nipples and squeezing my bouncing breasts. Leaning forward was a more comfortable position for anal, and apparently it works well for double penetration.

My first dp.

As I leaned forward to give Tim better access to my ass, Cruz took a nipple in his mouth and bit down then sucked and licked as I moaned in amazing awe of the level of pleasure my body was experiencing in this moment.

Out of the corner of my eye, I glanced Mac recording the scene and touching himself. I guess we looked hot too, that made me smile.

However, Tim quickly wiped the smile from my face as he began to bang my ass hard. The drum beat must’ve got to him again. Cruz felt the intensity increase and decided to match it, lifting his powerful hips and thrusting his hard meat into my dripping wet pussy.

These men were going to drive me crazy!

Oh fuck, with all the heat and banging, I lost control and felt a powerful orgasm emanate from my sore, aching ass to my hot slippery pussy which began greedily gripping at Cruz’s cock.

I heard him moan then felt the spasms in his cock as he emptied himself deep in my sweet flower. I could tell Tim was excited about Cruz finishing inside of me. He pulled out of my ass, lifted me off of Cruz, then laid me back and proceeded to lick my drenched and swollen lips. At the first taste, the zombie awoke in Tim and he began feasting on my cum-soaked flesh.

God, it felt so good. I’m raising my hips as Tim slipped his strong hands underneath my ass to hold me still and drill my pussy with his tongue. Cruz started massaging my breasts and sucking my hardened nipples.

Fuck, I was cumming again.

I looked over and saw that Mac had given up on filming. He now had his cock out and he was stroking himself as he watched Tim eat Cruz’s cum out of me. I waved him over. He’s my best friend and I think he deserves a good sucking.

He took a seat at the edge of the bed and I shifted my weight to sit up, then began rubbing his shoulders. Tim took the hint and moved his attention from my kitten to Mac’s growing bulge.

Tim moved himself between Mac’s legs, spreading them wide and replaced Mac’s hand with his own hands and mouth. I told Mac to lay back and enjoy.

Then, I joined Tim on the plush carpeted floor in front of Mac, but while he was blowing Mac, I was blowing him.

I was on hands and knees crouched really low with my ass in the air and completely exposed. As I took Tim’s hardness into my mouth, I felt Cruz’s hands on my ass— squeezing, rubbing, and then massaging my dark secret opening.

I was gagging myself on Tim’s cock every time Cruz pushed his fingers into my tight hole. Then, I heard Mac moaning and I knew Tim was doing an amazing job on him. I looked up and saw Tim licking and sucking eagerly on Mac’s balls while vigorously stroking his cock, which was dripping in saliva from Tim’s mouth.

Before long, Mac stood up and began stroking his cock hard and fast in front of Tim and I. It didn’t take many strokes before he was creaming all over Tim’s face and chest.

It was so sexy to watch the hot sticky sauce oozing from his tip in spurts and gushes. Mmmm… it was so much cum.

Tim leaned over to kiss me touching his cum-covered lips to mine and I licked them clean. Then, Cruz who had been busy fingering and lubing my ass called to Tim and said, “She’s ready for you.”

Tim was ready to burst at this point. He bent me over the edge of the bed and eased his hard achy cock into my tight slippery ass. He moaned as his full hardness made it’s way all the way into my darkness below. I braced myself by grabbing onto the sheets and pillows. I knew that Tim’s cock had been throbbing for a while now, so there’s no way he was going to last long in my tight hot ass.

He moved in and out slowly at first but quickly building the momentum. He was slapping his hips against my ass as his cock was buried deep inside me.

Tim’s breathing grew heavier, so did my panting and moaning. His hard cock was pounding me and building a pressure inside of me that would certainly burst with the next slap of his balls on my hot wet clit.

Fuck. I lost it again and felt myself convulse with a huge orgasm and at the same time, Tim sounded out a loud groan, “Fuck kitten, I’m gonna cum in your ass ok?”

Mmmm, I moaned, “Ok lover, yes, fuckkk… cum in my assss!”

Tim pushed into me one last time and held completely still except for the spasms of his thick cock spewing hot cum into my ass. It felt so fucking good and as he pulled out I felt his love juice draining out of me and running down my leg.

Everyone collapsed on the large bed, breathing heavily, no one said a word.

The playlist had ended and we laid in spooky and sexy dark silence, spent.





Image by Pexels

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