When Sir Wants My Ass, He Gets It

My Sir loves my ass. He trained my ass. He’s my first and only anal experience, and that’s how He likes it. That’s how I like it too.

Below is a preview of what He plans to do to my ass this weekend. I know because we wrote it together last night.

BONUS: Watch Videos of what happened when we finally got together.

Enjoy! 💋


Sir sits on the edge of the bed. His feet flat on the floor. His eyes trained on me.

In our room the lights are dim and music plays softly through the speaker. Slowly, I undress.

Skin bared, I walk over to the side table and pick up a warm bottle of lube. I gently squeeze a generous amount into my hand and rub it in and around my tight hole.

When I look up, Sir’s eyes reflect the hunger of the primal predator I know Him to be. Moisture stirs between my legs.

When Sir wants my ass, He gets it!

I pick up my mini vibrator, then turn around and back up to Him. I straddle Sir’s legs and lower my lube-filled ass down onto His waiting cock.

“Mmm, good girl,” He whispers.

I wiggle my hips to work His thick cock into my ass while holding my mini vibrator against my clit.

Sir’s hands are working their way up my body —from my hips to my hard nipples where He begins to pinch and squeeze my breasts in His strong hands.

I’m frozen on His cock, scared to move because I know He’s growing larger inside of me and it might hurt.

He leans forward and whispers,

“Relax baby I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m gonna love you first.”

Then He puts His hand to my throat, firm but not tight, He kisses my neck and it calms my racing heart.

Sir lays back and slowly starts to move His hips under me.

The feeling of His hardness moving in and out of my tight hole slowly has me moaning, combined with the buzzing of the vibrator on my clit is all making my flower extremely wet.

He’s moving His hips and I’m moving my ass up and down to meet Him.

He lets me control the tempo for awhile. It’s keeping Him from pushing into me too vigorously.

I hear Sir moan and I know He can see my dark brown skin gripping on His cock shaft as we pull in opposite directions.

I’m starting to want it harder but I don’t want to say…

So I start to sit down harder and faster and it feels sooo good. Of course I’ve been drinking wine earlier, so out of my mouth slips,

“Fuck my ass Daddy! Fuck me hard.”

My words stir something deep in His groin. Sir puts His hands on my hips to calm me and hold me steady. He’s deep inside of me. Then, He says,

“Are you ready lil girl? Daddy’s gonna fuck you now.”

I nod in agreement and moan from the pleasure building. Sir starts to push me up with His hands and pull me back down as He thrusts His hips up into my ass.

“Oooh! Mmm…”

He’s slamming His hard cock so deep into my ass, it makes me gasp.

“Fuck Daddy! I’m going to cum… “

And I do cum —so hard my juices are running down my thighs.

Sir whispers that He can feel my cum on His cock and balls, and that He loves it as it runs all the way to His ass.

He slows down to let me catch my breath, as I’ve been panting hard, but as He looks at His cock in my wanting ass He gets so aroused and stands to His feet, pushing me up against the wall next to the bed.

I put my hands above my head on the wall and spread my legs so Sir can start thrusting His huge cock into my ass.

“Mmmm, fuck!!”

Sir is pounding me up against the wall, my hands above my head and my ass pushed out for Him to have, take, do what He will.

I love being His and I tell Him how good He feels inside of me. I remind Him that He’s the only one, my first, my love.

Sir pounds my ass even harder to remind me that it belongs to Him.

He’s fucking my ass so hard up against the wall and I cum again with Sir in my ass. He’s feeling the urge to cum as well and slows the pounding to prolong the feeling of being in my tight ass.

Then, he swings me around to bend me over the bed… that’s how Sir likes to finish.

He loves to see me bent over. My ass pushed up and my tightness gripping at his throbbing cock. The sound of his skin slapping against mine fills the room, as the heat and intensity grows.

He pulls out almost all the way and then slams into me again. I’m grabbing the sheets on the bed and biting down on a pillow trying to muffle my screams of delight.

Sir’s hands are on my hips and He’s thrusting harder and faster now. I take a deep breath and the silence allows me to hear the quickening of His breath. He’s going to cum.

Will He finish in my ass? Or will He pull out and release His hot cum all over my back?

“I’m cumming, baby,” Sir groans as he pumps deep into my ass, holding still and then lets go. I feel the pulsing of his thick cock deep inside of me and then the flood of hot sticky liquid. He pulls back and some of his hot seed flows out of my dark hole, over my flower, dripping onto the bedsheets below.

We collapse together on the bed, holding each other, kissing, hugging and catching our breath… Round two is right around the corner.


BONUS: Watch Videos of what happened when we finally got together.

12 thoughts on “When Sir Wants My Ass, He Gets It

    1. No, you’re definitely not a prude. Anal sex is pretty mainstream taboo. It took me 43 years to even try it and even then it had to be the perfect partner and conditions. Thanks for reading though! 🙏🏾


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