Good Times

Loving again doesn’t surprise me, but loving you, as deeply as I do, has.

There’s this you that just fits me. He’s authentic, sweet, dominant, reliable, strong, chivalrous, and sexy… Mmmm, sooo sexy. 😍

Not a day goes by that I don’t want to be next to you, holding your hand, kissing you, and laughing with you.

These are good times.

But our love doesn’t exist in the real world, it melts away with oxygen and light. I could grab for it, but the holding on would be too painful for so many, so I have to let go. I couldn’t survive their pain too. I’d always let go.

I have to let go.

How long can we live in our play-pretend world, stealing away real time?

How long can you love me like a remote part-time job —from afar and hidden away from the gaze of strangers’ eyes?

And what comes next? Soft sadness from hard goodbyes?

We’ve had such good times, now parlayed into precious memories that I will cherish always.





Image by Pixabay

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