A Parisian Holiday: Beautiful Consent

Warning: Contains explicit language and graphic sexual references. Only for readers 18+.

The following scene is a continuation from A Parisian Holiday. Read that scene first, then An Unexpected Dinner Date, then Crêpes to Go, then In His Kiss and then the one below. Enjoy!

Decision made.

We ascended the glass elevator to my hotel room, hand in hand, my pulse racing with excitement. Now it was my turn to set the mood, so I selected some sultry jazz tunes from my phone’s playlists. Moscow and I sat on the couch and discussed what was about to happen.

Yes, I wanted him.

Yes, I was clear minded and consenting.

Yes, I like strong and intense foreplay and sex.

Yes, I had hard limits, which we discussed, and yes, we agreed on safe words.

I was excited to be alone in my room with Moscow after a surprisingly romantic evening dining and exploring small treasures in Paris. I knew that he felt the same way from the bulge forming in his pants. He leaned forward and kissed me softly, barely brushing his lips against mine. Then, he pulled me up to my feet and we swayed together with the music, his hands stroking the small of my back softly.

Feeling his hard muscular body against mine turned me on beyond words. I pulled away and walked over to the bed to undress, my back to Moscow.

My clothes fell to the ground, and I felt the heat of him behind me. He grabbed the back of my hair and gently pulled my head back exposing my neck to his hungry mouth and teeth.

Mmm, I moaned as Moscow tasted the sweet softness of my skin. He bit deeper into my neck causing me to draw in a sharp breath and then he pushed me face-forward onto the bed. I caught myself in the fall with my hands and lowered myself dutifully to the bed, on my knees with my backside pushed out towards him.

In front of me, the large floor-to-ceiling windows were covered only by sheer champagne-colored drapes. The moonlight and city lights poured in creating a sensual ambiance in the room.

Smack! Moscow’s large hand came down on my ample butt cheeks, which were peeking out from my boy-cut briefs.

Smack! Smack! Two more slaps even harder landed on each side of my bottom, which was still pushed up defiantly towards him. My ass jiggled and his manhood hardened. It stung a bit but I loved it and I wouldn’t move, wouldn’t surrender, would never give in!

I heard Moscow remove his belt, then he folded it in two and gave me two more lashes across the ass. Even though he wasn’t swinging the belt very hard, the crack of the sound on my skin was loud against the quiet of the room. I shuddered. Fuck, I felt that one! The entire sensation traveled with heat and created a great moisture at my center.

Tossing his belt on the floor, Moscow removed his pants and let his sizable erection spring free. He squeezed my dark brown ass with both hands, then pulled my panties to the side. I quickly brought my legs together and sat back on my heels. Sitting straight up on the bed now, my bottom was on fire and I was thinking about the chase again. He’s going to have to work for it. I’m not going to make it easy for him.

Smack! Smack! He had retrieved the belt and used it to swat the side of my rump, then he said, “Brat! You must be feeling feisty tonight.” I looked back over my shoulder, smiled, and then stuck out my tongue, taunting him.

“Hmmm ok,” Moscow’s voice was so low it was almost a whisper, but also so deep it resembled a growl. He tossed the belt to the side again and came up closer behind me and began to massage my breasts, teasing at my nipples. He squeezed, then slapped each one and felt them jiggle in response, my nipples tightening with every touch.

I felt his hardness against my back as he massaged and caressed my full breasts, teasing the dark brown nipples to stand at attention, begging for more. He squeezed and slapped again.

Fuck, Moscow!

I love the tingle of a good slap. My nipples respond instantly to the sweet pain of being pinched and smacked, and the response traveled quickly to the heat between my thighs.

With one arm wrapped around my breasts, Moscow put the other on my back and pushed me forward. I resisted, just to tease longer, but with his strength it didn’t take long for him to have me completely bent forward — my face turned to the side on the bed, my ass once again exposed.

The arm on my back slid down to the back of my neck, holding me firmly still as Moscow’s other hand came around and up between my legs playing with the heat through the soft lace of my moist panties. I moaned.

“That’s right kitten. I want to hear you purr,” he said and once again he moved my panties to one side. I pushed against his hand trying to sit back and block him, but he was so much stronger than I was. I barely shook the bed in my attempts to push back.

I seriously enjoy testing the strength of my lovers. And Moscow easily passed the test.

His hand found my wetness and massaged at the source. Now I was pushing back for a different reason, to feel his fingers penetrate my warmth.

“You want it bad now, don’t you, kitten?” he teased back.

Moscow peeled my panties off and then slapped my moist mound a few times before giving me what I wanted — two fingers dipped in then began a deep probe, in and out.

Mmmm, I moaned again. Before long he was thrusting his fingers inside of me from behind, his hand on my neck slid away while he leaned forward to kiss and bite the smooth skin on my backside.

Moscow pulled his fingers out and quickly replaced them with his tongue. I drew in a sharp breath. With circular movements and flicks across my soft petals, he had me moaning and squirming against his face in no time. He licked at my love feverishly, sucking and moaning his approval of my body’s response.

Then Moscow’s tongue moved from the heat at my center up towards my waiting backside. He now held my bottom with his hands and pulled my large cheeks apart so that his tongue could better reach my darkest, most secret place of pleasure.

“Moscow,” I moaned his name and asked, “What are you doing to me?”

The sensation of being touched and licked in this way was overwhelmingly pleasurable and after a few moments of wonder, I relaxed and felt my body shudder in an orgasmic release.

Moscow took that moment to pull my legs down so that I was laying face down on my stomach, legs hanging over the edge of the bed. After rolling on a condom, he positioned himself behind me with his hardness at the mouth of my slippery opening. He smacked my plump bottom once again before plunging his thick fullness into my deep warmth. He held my hips firmly as he slapped against me repeatedly with a rhythmic stroke.

I grabbed at the sheets and pillows on the bed. I had to hold onto something as the thrusts were growing in intensity. Moscow’s cock was so hard, and I felt the strokes deep in my sweet space as he glided in and out easily.

My body had recovered from the first orgasm, but now I felt another one building from deeper within. The harder he pounded, the deeper he hit, the more the sensation built. My moaning and panting must have clued him to what was cumming, as his force and speed intensified. His sweaty hard body thrusting and slapping against my soft fleshy bottom.

I let go once again and felt the orgasm move through my stomach down to my flower. “Fuck! I’m cumminggg…” I sang out.

“Good girl,” Moscow encouraged softly and kissed the back of my shoulder. He flipped me over on my back and moved me up to the center of the bed.

“My turn,” he smiled. “I’m going to cum in your ass.”

Looking up at his beautiful face with my dark hungry eyes, I licked my lips before replying, “Yes daddy, I want it all tonight. Fuck my ass!”

He gently eased the head of his thick hard cock into my tight hole. “Breathe baby girl,” he said as his mouth came down to claim mine. His tongue licking at my lips and tongue. We kissed deeply and he eased in further. “Relax,” he whispered and I exhaled welcoming him in the rest of the way. Then he held still for what seemed like almost a full minute. In that time, he whispered in my ear how good my ass felt and how beautiful I looked underneath him.

As he began to move, I started to moan louder. I heard my breathing and moaning and tried to bite my lip instead, but his strokes in my ass got harder and faster. I was soon moaning and panting loudly and I couldn’t hold back, I had another orgasm from the sensation of Moscow fucking my ass. “Mmm, Moscow,” I said breathlessly. “I’m cumming again… fuck!”

He pumped harder, his intense gray eyes piercing into mine. “Me too,” he said.



3 thoughts on “A Parisian Holiday: Beautiful Consent

  1. 5 alarm hotness! But the entire story was just so tantalizing from start to finish. You really are so good at this. Building tension and momentum as the day and night wore on. That is what actually makes this so hot. That tension you hope will manifest itself in this way. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

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