The Painful Truth

Tonight, you weren’t fine,

and I felt your pain.

Tell me. Don’t tell.

I’ll just stay in my lane.


We keep hurting each other.

Our unintentional flow.

The truth cuts so deep,

and we go blow for blow.


The honesty we demand

slices painful but true.

Gouging holes in our souls —

You hold me, I hold you.


But you let go of my hand,

told me walk by your side.

Now our steps out of sync,

and the pain I can’t hide.


We’re forcing these smiles.

Wanna say it’s ok,

but your heart changed its beat,

now it skips while on play.


I want it all back —

your laughter, your warmth.

Honest words of true love

will help us restart.


The pain of the truth

is a powerful thing.

It’s essential for love,

no matter the sting.


Have the courage to fight

for the beautiful space

that requires hard work,

time logged face to face.


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