A Parisian Holiday: In His Kiss

The following scene is a continuation from A Parisian Holiday. Read that scene first, then An Unexpected Dinner Date, then Crêpes to Go, and then the one below. Enjoy!

We sat on the rooftop with the city lights as our backdrop, devouring those sweet chocolate crêpes and sipping on wine from glasses that Moscow brought up from his apartment.

Moscow asked me if I was looking for romance on my trip. I responded that everything about Paris seemed romantic to me—the food, the wine, the views, and most of all my impromptu date for that evening. I knew what he was asking but I decided to make him really work for what he wanted. I wasn’t going to be sexing Moscow tonight, no matter how good the wine.

“Well, what kind of romantic date would it be without music?” he asked rhetorically with a smile as he whipped out his phone and opened a station on Pandora. I didn’t recognize the music but it was soulful and upbeat. All of the lyrics were in French and I strained my brain to follow along, but eventually I gave in and decided just to enjoy the melodies.

“Dance with me,” Moscow blurted out as a slower song began. He stood and offered his hand.

He pulled me in close and his hand returned to that familiar place on my lower back. He bent to put his cheek against mine and softly serenaded me with a sweet love song.

I relaxed against his hard body and let myself breathe him in. His fragrance was hypnotic like fresh air, hot leather, sweet spices, and testosterone combined — if that’s a thing. I let my head drop to his chest and wrapped both arms around his taut torso. He did the same with me and seemed to pull me even closer if that was possible.

Moscow gently rubbed my back as we swayed together from side to side. One song blended into another and Moscow stepped back just a bit creating a sliver of air between us. He looked down at me as I shifted my gaze up, my mouth agape, I felt like a magnet drawn to metal. His lips brushed against mine and I tasted him there on the rooftop for the first time.

There was a hint of chocolate and wine in his kiss. He was very tender with me as his hands moved up my body to cup my face on both sides. At that point, he held my face and plunged his tongue deep into my mouth to satisfy a hunger that I felt building from below.

Moscow swayed against me with the music and pressed his hardness into my stomach, which made me moan. Now the secret was out. He could tell my body was craving more of him— more of his touch, his heat.

I pushed back to get some clarity. Moscow’s hands moved from my face to my neck and then down past my shoulders to my breast where once again my body betrayed me. He felt my stiffening nipples pushing defiantly against my blouse and he circled with his thumbs.

“Come to my apartment,” he whispered.

Every fiber of my being wanted to be naked next to Moscow, to explore the deep passion we were both feeling for each other in this moment. I guess that’s what brought me back from the brink, I realized this was just a moment and I wanted to maintain the facade of control a little longer. How awkward would things be when we met up tomorrow with Jackie?

I pushed back away from Moscow’s touch and warm hard body. “No, not tonight, Moscow. I’m going to head back to the hotel now. Thank you for a wonderful evening.”

“I’ll walk you back,” he replied. “I would never forgive myself if you lost your way.”

We descended the elevator and walked hand in hand back to my hotel. As we stopped in front of the tall brick building, we paused to say goodnight.

He bent forward to kiss me and my mind whispered, “I’m not ready for this evening to end.”

“Me either,” Moscow replied.

“Shit! Did I say that out loud,” I laughed and shook my head. “I don’t know what’s come over me!”

Moscow smiled, but his gaze was intense as he answered, “It’s Paris. The city has had her way with you tonight, and I plan to do the same.”


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Image by Pixabay


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