A Parisian Holiday: Crêpes To Go

The following scene is a continuation from A Parisian Holiday. Read that scene first, then this one, and then the one below. Enjoy!

Sometimes, just the mere taste of fine chocolate can bring me close to an orgasm. It can be a transformative experience when I find myself alone with a tasty chocolate dish and a glass of red wine.


Tonight, I was already feeling my body tingle at the touch of Moscow’s hand in mine as we walked along Rue de Grenelle toward the crèperie. The wine I had already consumed was singing a beautiful melody as it coursed through my body, making me a little giddy but cautious with each step. It was like my mind and body were playing tug of war.

As we approached the crêperie, I stopped Moscow for a quick photo that I could send to Jackie. “She’s not going to believe I ran into you tonight,” I said smiling ear to ear. As I held up my phone to take a selfie pic with the two of us, I felt Moscow’s lips brush my cheek.

Click! sounded my camera app. We both looked at the photo and laughed. “That will be fun to explain,” he said. I smiled and felt butterflies in my stomach because he was so close to me and smelled so good. I focused hard on my text to Jackie…

Hey! Look who I ran into tonight at dinner! Paris is absolutely magical. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

As soon as I hit send, Moscow’s hand found mine once again and we moved toward the shop. As we turned to walk through the entrance, Moscow’s hand left mine and moved to the small of my back as he ushered me through the glass door.

His hand was low on my back, just above the outward curve of my form-fitting jeans. And It wasn’t there just as a guide, he was communicating something to me in the way he lingered and controlled my movements just with his one hand and strong fingers. He reminded me of an experienced ballroom dancer and how with just the slightest pressure from their fingertips, they can tell their partner where to go and what to do.

Yes, I felt it all and my body wanted desperately to turn into the warmth of his hard body. Thankfully, my brain was still quasi-functioning and won this round of the tugging. I managed to stay cool, calm, and collected as we walked into the delicious smelling shop.

Moscow ordered two chocolate crèpes and a bottle of red wine to go.

“To go?” I questioned. “Où allons-nous?”

“There’s a picnic area on the rooftop of my apartment building. It has an amazing view of the city that you’ll fall in love with,” he explained.

“Sounds nice, but…” I hesitated. Moscow’s hand was on my back again guiding me towards the door.

Damnit! Did my body have to respond this way every time?

I acquiesced and followed his lead, like any good little submissive would do. I wonder if he knows that I prefer a submissive role? Of course any experienced Dom could sniff out my sub side pretty easily.

Still I’m not an easy mark or a pushover. I have to let Moscow know that I have my own mind!

As we walked back out the same route we took in, Moscow reclaimed my hand. I cleared my throat and announced, “I’m excited to see the view of the city from your rooftop, but I can’t stay long. I have to be up early tomorrow.”

He looked over and smiled, “Ok.”

I couldn’t read him — try as I might. Was he just humoring me? I didn’t know nor did I really care.

We walked along and talked about other parts of the city that I planned to visit during the rest of my stay. Before I knew it, we were stopped in front of a tall white brick building with black wrought iron balconies, most playing host to pretty plants, flower pots, and herb gardens.

“Voila!” he said and started up the stairs, pushing open a tall oak wood door with large black handles. In we went and up an elevator to the rooftop. I stepped out into the cool air once again and the sight of the city lights took my breath away.

“Woah!! Moscow. This is amazing!” I exclaimed.


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Image by Pixabay


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