Poly Chronicles #814

Tonight, I looked at my husband across the dinner table and saw his tired eyes and face. I was so filled with love and admiration because everything he does is for us, his family.

He’s up early and in bed late so that he can provide an amazing life for us. I love him for that and for so much more.

And then, shortly after dinner, I was talking to another piece of my heart… a man who is quickly becoming a dear friend, lover, and confidante. He makes me smile to the point my cheeks hurt. I’ve told him that he should teach a master class in seduction.

I may honestly be the luckiest girl alive. If only for a minute, I’m pausing to bask in the glow. My husband loves me and supports me having this beautiful new friendship in my life. I’m living my life with tremendous authenticity. And my kids go back to school very soon!

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