Blink once, what to do?

Right swiped for those eyes.

Mind open, golden rule,

you took me by surprise.


A second blink, I smile,

heavy breath fades away.

I fall hard for kindness,

now I’m hoping you’ll stay.


Third blink, eyes blurry,

maybe I don’t quite see…

the real you tells a story,

words written just for me.


Blink four, I’m rubbing,

damn it eyes please adjust!

Tell my brain “sober up,”

it’s about building trust.


Five blinks happened fast.

It all comes to this…

Hearts exposed, holding hands,

in our very first kiss.



You know when you meet a guy and he’s all you can think about. One week seems like a month because you talk everyday and you just seem to click. He gives you his t-shirt to sleep in because when you’re not together you miss him THAT much. 😍


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