Another Taste in the Taxi

The following erotic scene is a continuation from A Taste at the Table. 18+ Only Please. Enjoy!

The private cab Sir had called moved us slowly and smoothly through the city streets of London. With the privacy partition, it felt like we were very much alone, Sir and I.

He had unzipped his trousers revealing his erection to me and I was more hungry for him than I was for dinner tonight. My mouth salivated at just the sight of him, sitting in the darkness of the cab as the lights from the city illuminated his exquisite face and created shadows.

I moved to my knees just in front of him, looking up at his beautiful face, and although shadowed, his eyes were just as intense. He seemed to speak without words and I touched him. I licked my fingers and began to stroke him. I felt the muscles tightened in his legs, heard him inhale sharply, and squeezed him to feel the response in my hand.

As I touched him, I took a deep breath in to capture his fragrance and looked at the passing cityscapes. The taxi drove slowly past St. Paul’s Cathedral and then Trafalgar Square. It was the perfect backdrop for this erotic moment with my Sir.

I dipped my mouth and found the head of his straining knob, then circled with my tongue a few times while my eyes never left his face. Then as I closed my mouth around him, his head went back. I imagine it must’ve felt good. Sir tasted delicious and I sucked more of him in while watching the rise and fall of his chest.

His fingers slowly massaged my shoulders, then my neck, and finally they moved to the back of my head where Sir’s hands tightened in my hair. I was busy having seconds and thirds of this scrumptious meal and moaning my approval as if he hadn’t fed me earlier. My mouth now moving up and down, swallowing as much of him as I could… or so I thought.

Sir’s hands, which he’d wound into my hair, seemed to take over the pace of the stroke and before I knew it, his hips were pushing his hardness up and into my hot eager mouth while his fists full of hair were jamming my head down on him so far I could only just open my mouth and take it. He was fucking my mouth. I was taking the full length of him, gagging and blinking and crying, which brought a wicked smile to his lips.

I heard him breathing heavier as his pace quickened. I also heard the light smack of his skin and balls on my chin.

He pulled my head back and a trail of saliva clung to the edge of his cock lining its way up to my open painted-red mouth. Mmmm, he moaned and pulled me up for a deep kiss. Then right back to my knees, my attention to his throbbing manhood returned.

He told me earlier that I would have to wait for his cum, but my tongue and lips were working to make it happen now. He was giving me lovely tastes of precum, which made me so hot and wet below. I had already moved my left hand there to rub the moisture and quench the thirst that was growing between my legs. She wanted to taste his cum too.

I blinked through my long eyelashes and running mascara, daring to look up and meet his gaze once again. And there they were, his eyes — those ravenous eyes.


If you enjoyed this story or it inspires you to create your own sexy scene, then please like, comment, or share. I’m not ashamed to beg for it! 🙏🏾😁💛

5 thoughts on “Another Taste in the Taxi

  1. Its really not fair of you posting these midday where I read them at work! 😉 The heat factor was high on this one for sure…I had a similar situation once that was more intoxicating than alcohol lol. But I do commend you on your writing. I loved the light and city descriptions. It really added to the believability of the scene. I think it was great adding a Part 2 as well. Can’t even imagine how hot Part 3 would be 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I almost posted this last night but I drank too much and here we are. Lol. I’m glad you enjoyed part two and sounds like it brought back a very nice memory! 😍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Had not thought about that in a long time, but yeah, definitely a nice memory. I’ll have to tell you about it some day! Btw….I’m whispering all this too you since you had a few last night lol

        Liked by 1 person

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