A Taste at the Table

Our table sat in a dimly lit corner of a side alcove off the main dining room in an aging Italian restaurant. We were fairly isolated from the rest of the diners, just the way Sir likes it.

I pressed a glass of cool Prosecco to my lips and drank in the smooth sparkling wine. As I swallowed, I felt the coolness in my throat followed by a heat rising to my cheeks. I could feel his eyes on me.

I returned the glass to the table and slowly raised my eyes to meet his steel-gray stare. His gaze was amiable but intense. He was studying me. I felt my lips drying up from the drink, and ran my tongue over them to bring back some moisture. I smiled, he did not.

I lowered my eyes slightly to his lips, they were delicious and I decided to fix my gaze there. His eyes were too hypnotic and I felt they could read my mind and betray my thoughts if we continued to look eye to eye.

I thought my lowered gaze would please, Sir. He broke the silence and spoke. His voice sent the heat from my cheeks back down to my chest. He had only asked about my day. And still I found the sound of him irresistible.

I cleared my throat and thought carefully about what I would say. I told him about my adventure in the market trying to find all of the ingredients for a new recipe I wanted to try. I laughed as I mentioned the nationwide shortage of alfalfa sprouts and while I giggled I forgot… I forgot about his eyes, and once again they met mine.

His face was smiling now but his eyes still looked as if he meant to devour me. I paused and took a breath. Sir’s smile made me moist below the table, between my tightly closed legs.

I exhaled lightly. I didn’t want him to know what was happening to my body. I had resolved to maintain my cool. He would learn to value my strength. I never wanted to appear weak, even in my submission.

I would submit because I wanted to, not because he had some supernatural effect on me… and not because his eyes could pierce my soul… because “I. wanted. to.” I told myself as I lowered my eyes to his mouth again.

When he spoke next, I saw his lips move but the words took the long route to my ears and he had to ask if I heard what he said. Oh, yes, I nodded and slowly stood and walked over to stand next to him.

“Good girl,” he said.

I felt the moisture seep through and make its way to my thighs. I loved pleasing Sir.

His left hand touched my knee and he lightly ran his fingers up the inside of my leg, and under my dress until he reached the first hint of my desire and my body’s betrayal. He rubbed me there and then continued up until he reached my pantyless mound.

I must have moaned as his fingers found the source of the leak because he bent his head forward, kissed my stomach through my dress, and said, “shhhh, not yet.”

He pushed two fingers deep inside of me and my body shook. He twisted and stroked them in and out, then pulled back to rub the wetness against my hardening bud.

“Mmmm,” escaped from my lips as he removed his hand completely, only to smack and squeeze my plump round ass.

He ordered me back to my seat, saying how proud he was that I followed the rules. As I sat, I saw his hand move up to his mouth where he sucked at the two fingers that had just been inside of me. He smiled and I dared to look up again.

His eyes were smoldering. How would we make it through the rest of dinner?

How would you?



If you enjoyed this story or it inspires you to create your own sexy scene, then please like, comment, or share. I’m not ashamed to beg for it! 🙏🏾😁💛

6 thoughts on “A Taste at the Table

  1. As we gazed at one another he said ‘you followed the rules well. Now show me how you would break them.’

    She leaned forward on the table, as close as she could. Her eyes never left his. She wanted to tease him to the brink. She ran her long fingers down the side of her face. Slowly. Still their eyes stayed locked together. But she was going to see what it took for him to break away first. She ran her fingers down her bare arms…delicately swirling her movements. He still gazed at her. She touched her neck now, trailing one long finger around the contours of the neckline of her dress. Without even stopping to see if anyone was looking, she gently pulled aside one corner of her dress, revealing the slightest hint of her aroused nipple. He had tried but couldn’t resist averting his eyes to this sight.

    ‘Eyes on mine’ she said forcefully, but muted enough so no one would notice. ‘No matter what I do, your eyes stay on mine!’ His eyes met hers again. She traced her long fingers down his arm now, duplicating what she had done to her own arm. His eyes stayed on hers.

    She scooted her chair slightly and picked up the glass of champagne in such a way that she could sip from it but keep two fingers free to dance around on his arm. This was a diversion to her other hand which slipped under the table. Still his eyes remained locked, even as her hand teased its way up his thigh. She already could sense how hard he was, but she was demanding his attention now.

    As she ran her fingers over his rock hard cock he flinched ever so slightly. But still he never looked away. Even when she clasped two fingers to slide his zipper down he remained focused on her. She reached in and gently stroked him before moving to the head where she knew she would find precum which she swirled around in her fingers. Delicately she pulled her fingers out, and just as he had done, she licked her fingers and enjoyed this taste of him. She smiled and looked long at him and said ‘well done. What’s the next move?’

    Well you did ask how they would make it through the rest of dinner? 😀😊😉

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      1. I really enjoy your erotic writing style. If you have other stories that you want to share, I’d love to add them as a guest post. 😊

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      2. Oh thank you, thats very kind. I kind of just took your lead, and I suppose thought about how it ‘could’ continue! No I don’t have any erotic stories. I have one small area of fiction on my blog. I’d like to get back to it at some point though. Thank you!

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