Hot Shower & Fireworks: Happy 4th!

“Happy 4th!” Paula texted to Karl.

Karl was her childhood friend who she had been fantasizing about since shortly after college. Somehow, in more than twenty years, they had never talked about it or even kissed. He lived far away and they only managed to see each other a handful of times each year.

But their planets must have finally aligned last weekend because not only did they see each other, they hooked up… and he truly blew her mind.

Fuck! She couldn’t stop thinking about him, and when she would get to see him “like that” again. Would it be another four or six months?

She rolled her eyes and put the phone down to wait for the elusive “Ding!”

Paula and Karl had a very casual but sexy flow now. It was nice, not vulgar or dirty, but sensual… and thinking about him made her smile.

Paula checked her phone once more before slipping into a nice warm shower. She had to get ready for an Independence Day party at her friend Diane’s. Karl was invited but she didn’t know if he would come.

The water in the shower was steamy and hot, flowing smoothly over her coffee brown skin and into her mouth as she tipped her head back to get her face wet. The pressure of the water beat down on her soft breasts, making her dark round nipples stand at attention. The sensation made her moan.

She squeezed some coconut-scented body wash onto her fingertips to begin washing her flower below. In that moment, the feeling of her soft petals conjured the memory of her shower with Karl.

Her mind poured through images like a sensual scene from a movie. Paula allowed her fingers to linger, stimulating a heated response between her legs.

Circling round and round on her now engorged bud and pushing up between her moist folds. She moved so the water hit directly on her aching nipples, creating the most delicious level of pain.

Her fingers played a familiar tune as Paula’s eyes squeezed shut and her breathing quickened. Her mind rolled over the moment Karl’s fingers filled her pussy, while his cock filled her mouth.


Paula was panting hard now and soon an uncontrollable orgasm swept over her, as she stood there, knees buckling under the warmth and steam of the water. She sank down to the shower floor and let the hot droplets beat down on her back while hugging her knees to her chest and breathing deeply to return the calm.

She shook her head at how completely unexpected this was… kind of like her night with Karl. He just kept surprising her.

Paula finished her wash and stepped out of the shower wrapped in a large white terry cloth robe. She walked over to the nightstand, checked her phone, and found his reply…

“Mmmm yes Happy 4th! And to celebrate, I plan to make you cum four times today. Call me when you can.”

The heat instantly returned between her thighs. Her nipples begged to be touched. She exhaled and typed…

“Well, then, you only have three more to go… call you in 10.”



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3 thoughts on “Hot Shower & Fireworks: Happy 4th!

    1. Contemplating if I have three more 4th of July orgasm fantasies in my head… hahaha!

      Thanks for reading and always sharing your thoughts! 🙏🏾💋

      Happy 4th! 😉

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