Summer Nights in LA

A toast to summer,

glasses rise, so does fate.

Painted flames light the sky

to help celebrate.


Hot days, cool nights,

warm hugs, cold drinks.

Listen close, hold my tongue,

talk less, don’t jinx.


Spin the globe and choose

the place to be…

anywhere in this world,

yet tonight you’re with me.


We stare, we drift,

we drink, we talk.

We laugh, we share,

we kiss, we walk.


Pour the wine and cocktails,

and the sugar between.

Hold my hand, lead the way,

through your eyes to be seen—


A city entangled,

embraces success.

New buildings and parks,

all contrived from a mess.


You’ve seen it go up, and

you’ve watched it fall down.

You’ve embodied the heart

and the soul of this town.


Yet tonight, your attentions

stray not but a mile.

On this ride, touch my leg,

start a flame, make me smile.


Body to body,

stoke the fires within.

Heat the oil, rub my back,

up and down, then begin.


A night full of magic,

soon enough to expire.

My words led you here,

on a path to desire.


It’s ok, I can tell,

you were moved in a way,

to ensure I remember

summer nights in LA.




Image by Pixabay


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