The Nuru Massage Birthday Surprise

“Happy 40th Lisa!” sang out a group of beautifully-adorned Black women huddled around a well-lit cake and the guest of honor, Lisa Jordan.

Lisa gently closed her dark brown eyes, made a wish, and then blew out the candles on the cake. Her girlfriends erupted in applause.

In that moment, she was overwhelmed by a feeling of deep gratitude. She was grateful for all of these beautiful women and their friendships, which saw her through many of the 40 years she was celebrating tonight. A tear formed in the corner of her right eye. She exhaled.

Jenita, one of Lisa’s oldest and dearest friends, began cutting the cake and distributing slices around the table as everyone returned to their seats— glasses of freshly topped-off champagne in tow.

“The surprises aren’t over,” whispered Amber, Lisa’s BFF and the party organizer. She scooched her chair in closer to Lisa. “Have a bite of cake, and then follow me.”

Lisa’s eyes grew wide as she took in the devilish smile on Amber’s face. Lisa placed a forkful of moist chocolate cake in her mouth, licked her lips and said, “Giiiirl, you betta’ spill the tea!”

“No can do, sistah! Just follow me,” Amber replied not giving away even the slightest clue.

The restaurant was nestled in the front corner of a tall luxury hotel. Amber escorted her friend through a connecting door, passed the front desk, and up the elevator to a penthouse suite.

Lisa stepped into the room mouth agape. Fresh flowers were everywhere. The view of the city from the floor-to-ceiling windows was jaw-dropping. And there was a table with a bucket of champagne on ice ready to be uncorked.

The decor and setup took Lisa’s breath away and before she could ask Amber what this was all about, Amber backed out of the suite closing the door behind her. A side door slid open and Lisa’s friend Ken stepped out of the tucked-away room.

“Oh my God! Ken??!” Lisa exclaimed tears brimming in her eyes again. “I thought you were deployed for at least another month! When did you get home?”

She rushed over to hug him, taking note that he was half-dressed. Lisa and Ken had been friends since they were in middle school together. They dated off and on for a few years in college but when Ken joined the Airforce after graduation, they decided to keep it strictly FWB.

She squeezed him tight. This time he had been gone a full year.

The smell of Ken’s cologne made Lisa relax even more. She was already feeling so much love from the party and now Ken, her Ken, was here too. She closed her eyes, and then exhaled into the embrace feeling satiated in the moment.

They had a close relationship and talked often even through all his travels. Whenever he came home, they would always spend at least one night talking and catching up, and then another night kissing and hooking up. They both identified as polyamorous.

She held his face and kissed him deeply, and then stepped back to look at him again.

Ken always brought Lisa a nice keepsake from wherever he was deployed or stationed. This time, he was in Bahrain. He pulled a tiny box from his pocket, it was beautifully wrapped in gold embossed paper.

Lisa smiled.

“You’re the best,” she whispered taking the package and running her fingers over the wrapping.

“Nope. You are!” Ken replied. “Happy Birthday, Lis.”

Lisa unwrapped the package, careful not to rip the paper. It was so pretty, and she wanted to keep it. She opened the box to a stunning pair of chocolate diamond earrings.

“Ken! Oh my God, you spoil me! These are gorgeous. I love them, and love you, So glad you’re back safely!” she said.

Then Ken with a mischievous look in his eyes said, “And that’s just the beginning, Lis!” He kissed the top of her head and continued, “Head into that bathroom, clothes off, there’s a bathrobe to keep you warm. Join me in this room when you’re done.” He was pointing at the side door leading to the bedroom.

Lisa hesitated.

“Umm, I have guests downstairs, and I don’t want this to be a quick hit tonight. I haven’t seen you in a full year!” she whined.

“Amber is taking care of your guests and all of the provisions for the party downstairs. All you need to do is focus on you… now go, take your clothes off. We’ve got all night, I promise babe, I’m not leaving you for a long time to come!” Ken finished and Lisa’s heart soared.

She turned to walk toward the bathroom and smiled back over her shoulder in a bit of disbelief. Ken came home for my birthday!

When she returned to the bedroom, wrapped in a plush white terry cloth robe, Ken felt his heart drop to his stomach. It was the sight of her beautifully bronzed-brown skin next to the bright white cloth of the robe and her hair pulled up, which accented her slim long neck. He wanted to kiss her neck and feel her warmth underneath him.

Lisa was surprised to see the room decked out in fragrant candles and flowers. The bed was covered in a shiny-plastic or rubber-looking sheet.

“What’s all of this?” she asked taking in the very romantic scene before her.

Ken smiled and for the first time she realized that he had completely disrobed.

“It’s not everyday that my princess turns 40. So, I wanted to pamper you with a nuru massage,” Ken explained. “Put your robe on the hook over there and join me on the bed. Let me know if the room is warm enough for you.”

Lisa quietly complied. She became quite the submissive in the bedroom with Ken. He loved it.

The moment she was on the bed, Ken moved in for a nice long kiss. His hands to her face, he pulled Lisa in for an even deeper dive —exploring her lovely mouth that he hoped to soon fill in other ways. Mmmm, she tasted like chocolate cake, his favorite!

Breaking their kiss, he had her lay flat on her stomach, turning her head to the side as she laid on a pillow covered with a shiny pillow case. He handed her a pink fuzzy sleep mask and told her to put it on over her eyes.

“Just relax and breathe, I’m gonna make you feel really good,” Ken whispered in a low and sexy tone. Lisa exhaled and relaxed even more on the pillow, with the sleep mask now firmly in place over her eyes.

A few moments later, she felt Ken’s strong hands rubbing a warm smooth liquid on her back. “Mmm, that feels so good,” she purred.

Ken massaged the warm substance down her shoulders and arms, which lay at her sides. She felt a splash near her fingers and reached a finger out to touch and rub it. It was warm and slippery like oil, but not as heavy.

Ken moved his hands down her lower back now, seeming to move an unending amount of the warm light oil all over her body. It felt sensational.

Once he finished rubbing the oil on her ankles and feet, Lisa felt Ken straddle her back, his nakedness on top of hers. His warmth was heavenly and she moaned again.

Gently, Ken rubbed the warm oil into her shoulders and back paying special attention to the place on her shoulders where Lisa carried most of her stress. She moaned.

The feeling of her soft skin under his fingers and groin was very stimulating, and the sensation moved from his hands up the sides of his strong arms, then inward to the stiffening nipples on his chest. The stiffness spread lower below his abdomen as well.

Lisa felt him harden against her lower back. “Ken,” she said in a low breathy tone. “This feels amazing.”

At that, Ken leaned forward, his hands on either side of Lisa’s shoulders. He whispered in her ear, “That’s just the warm up, kitten.”

Ken slowly began straightening his legs, holding the weight of his spectacular body in his arms yet still touching Lisa. He then used his right foot to nestle between Lisa’s feet and push her right leg out, opening her legs for his ready access.

He relaxed a little into Lisa’s body and began to rub himself up and down against her, allowing the oil to help him glide smoothly along her back, bottom, and legs.

The oil stayed warm with all of the rubbing, and the feeling of Lisa’s soft body under his made Ken’s cock stiffen even more. He reached down to shift his hard knob so that it pointed up, thinking this would be more comfortable for both of them. He went back to rubbing body to body, leaning in to trace kisses along the side of Lisa’s face and neck.

“Mmmm,” Lisa moaned. “I’ve missed you.”

Ken was fighting back the urge to enter her like this, on top of her from behind. He loved how her round ass felt pushed against his manhood. He was feeling his primal urges creep up, but he wanted —no he needed to have her mouth on his when he entered her for the first time tonight.

The thought of the taste of her was the last straw, he would try to be romantic and tender, but he needed to feel her soft breasts against his chest now. He pushed himself up to a hover above her. His hardness pointing forward, still touching her smooth skin.

“Lisa, turn over and face me,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper but very commanding. It was his Dominant voice and Lisa complied right away. She turned and pulled up the mask to meet his hungry gaze. She knew in that moment what he needed.

Lisa wrapped her oil covered legs around Ken’s hips and pulled him toward her. She opened her mouth to meet his. In that instant, Ken’s warmth, hard body, fragrance and desire consumed her and she couldn’t think, just feel.

Ken greedily sucked at Lisa’s plump lips and leaned in further to feel her full and aching breasts against his chest. His powerful legs thrust him forward and she gasped as if all of the air left her body as he entered her dripping warmth below.

She opened her eyes, as if in a panic for air, and saw the hunger still remained. His eyes, steady and focused, helped her to breathe.

Feeling her tight wetness around him just stoked the flames. Slowly but firmly, Ken began moving in and out. The oil from the nuru massage had them gliding along the rubber sheets, up and down with every stroke.

Lisa felt like she was gliding across the heavens. With her legs still wrapped around Ken, they moved together atop the oil-splattered bedsheets and the slickness seemed to assist Ken’s velocity as his pace quickened. He moved from kissing Lisa’s mouth to her neck, nibbling and licking her there, then across to her shoulder where he bit down a little harder causing her to squeeze him tighter.

“Mmmmm,” Ken lifted his head and moaned. “Baby girl, if you squeeze my cock any tighter, I’m not gonna be able to hold back. God, you feel better than I remembered.”

“Mmm,” Lisa replied. “So do you… I missed you so much, daddy.”

The glow of the candles illuminated her chocolate brown skin, which glistened from the oil.

Ken’s hands on either side of Lisa’s face, he looked down into her dark brown eyes and leaned in to sample her mouth again —at first with a light brush of his lips against hers. Her full pouty mouth was so soft, his kissing changed to sucking. He could easily spend hours devouring her mouth and tongue.

Ken’s kisses were delicious, better than comfort food. Lisa was in heaven when his mouth was on hers and at the same time, he was still pushing in deeply and firmly below. It made the tender kisses that much more sensual.

He didn’t want to break away, but his hands had reached the ripe plumpness of Lisa’s ass. Thinking of entering her from behind and feeling her ass smack against him was now consuming his thoughts. He gave her one more deep kiss, then pulled up and ordered Lisa to her knees. Once she was on her knees, he pulled the sleep mask back down over her eyes.

“Stay just like that. Don’t move,” he told her as he reached over to the bedside table to grab a silk scarf and tie her hands behind her back.

“I know it’s your birthday and you’re having fun,” he said warmly as he tied the scarf tightly binding her hands together. “But never forget that your body is for my pleasure. When I’m here, you belong to me.”

He moved in close behind her on his knees as well, then reached around and rubbed more oil on Lisa’s stomach and quads. His hands slid easily up to her full breasts where his fingers found her nipples reaching out in tantalizing eagerness to be touched, pinched, and slapped.

Ken lightly slapped Lisa’s nipples and pinched them while kissing her neck from behind and whispering his desire, his hardness pressed against her firm round ass below. He started to grind his hips into her backside, while his fingers explored the soft petals of her flower below, both still on their knees.

The oil had her sliding around too much to stay in that position, so Ken had her to lie flat on her stomach with a pillow under her hips to raise her ass just perfectly for his viewing and entry.

Lisa’s body glimmered with oil and her pussy glimmered with intense desire for Ken.

Lying there blindfolded and bound in this way was the ultimate turn on for Ken. Lisa’s trust in him was on full display. She trusted him with her body completely. She gave herself over to him for his pleasure, which in itself brought her immense pleasure.

He watched her body rise and fall with each breath, his hand now back to massaging her ass. A shiver ran over Lisa’s body and before she could settle, Ken was entering her from behind, sliding his hardened manhood passed her outer lips and deep into the moisture and heat of her simmering love. Her gasp blended into the moan that followed it.

Ken was stroking long and hitting hard against her plump ass. Dammit, he loved the way she felt against him! And, hearing her soft breaths deepen, then quicken with every stroke set him ablaze.

She was squeezing his cock with her tight wetness. The muscles milking him in a very telling way. He knew what she was doing and he pulled all the way out and slapped her ass — hard.

“You’re trying to make me cum!” he exclaimed breathlessly and slapped her cheek again, setting off a yelp of excitement from Lisa, who was lying with her face to the side, still blindfolded, hands bound behind her back, and her smooth oil-moistened ass pointed upward to the ceiling.

Ken’s hand returned to her ass, this time he ran his oil-slicked thumb down the middle of her bottom until he reached the budding entry. He circled. She moaned. He prodded. She moaned louder.

In one slowly sensual move, he slid his thumb deep into her eager hole and at the same time pushed his thick bulging member into her waiting flower once again continuing the long, deep, hard strokes.

Lisa was in heaven. Her body was relaxing and opening more and more for Ken to have his way. His balls were slapping her pussy and clit. Her juices were flowing against her thighs and running along his balls.

The sensation of Ken’s rock hard shaft deep inside of her along with his thumb moving in and around just above drove Lisa over the edge. She was pushing back to meet each thrust when she felt Ken go stiff and the throbbing of his pole turned into pulsing as he released spurt after spurt of hot creamy cum into her.

She felt each jerk of his shaft and the warm liquid inside of her, and Lisa let go completely as a wave of uncontrollable spasms washed over her.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned softly as her pussy gripped at Ken’s pulsing cock. They collapsed together, a hot oily mess, both panting hard, trying to catch a breath.

“Oh kitten, that was amazing,” Ken finally managed as he rolled to the side to untie Lisa’s hands. She turned to face him, removing her blindfold. They looked at each other smiling and both moved in closer for a kiss, Ken’s arms encircling her body and pulling her tightly to him.

The warmth of his hard masculine body against her made Lisa feel protected and safe. She couldn’t think of anything else in the world she could need right now!

Then, after a minute of warm kisses, Ken stood up, “Champagne?” he asked.

“My favorite,” she chuckled with a sweet smile. Now she really was satisfied.





Picture by Pixabay


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4 thoughts on “The Nuru Massage Birthday Surprise

    1. You’re far too kind. Thank you 🙏🏾. I’m working on different aspects of my storytelling and used this piece to experiment on some character development and emotional properties.

      I hope you got a sense of the strong relationship between these characters and the depth of emotion the MC holds for each of her friends, including her special fwb. 😁😘

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      1. It did show, which is what I meant I suppose. The erotic part needs the story, the story benefits from the erotic. Writing is a process. I have only delved into fiction a handful of times but it is something you need to work on. You are more than on your way 😄

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