First Draft Completed! Now Onto Revisions…

Remember the short story I’ve been working on — Passion’s Curse? Well, I finished my first draft!

I really agonized over the ending and finally made a decision and just wrote it, knowing I would change it in the revisions to come.

Again, I didn’t love how the story was ending, but I committed to the writing and the first draft is done! It feels so good to have a completed draft of my first significant creative writing project.

Honestly, I’ve spent years starting and stopping on various story ideas. I was scared the same was happening with Passion’s Curse because I hit a wall on the ending. But I have never before been as committed to writing, learning, and growing as I am now. So, I plowed through and finished an imperfect first draft. 😁

Then, the most amazing thing happened… two gems in the #amwriting community stepped up to help me by reading it and providing critical and constructive feedback. I am over the moon! I feel like I know what I need to do next and I’ve already started on revisions.

Oh, it may look like I was just hanging out poolside today sipping piña coladas, but I was actually working through some ideas for version 2.0 — and sipping iced coffee. ☕️

I’m excited to dig in and will share pieces of the puzzle with you as it comes together. In fact, here’s a little more about my MC, Julissa:

Julissa, like her mother, never met a stranger — a beautiful woman of Caribbean heritage, outgoing, gregarious, and always the life of the party. But, when it came to love, Juli, as her friends called her, was the polar opposite.

In love, she was shy and reserved, uncertain and timid. She wondered now, was it the family curse that held her back from being herself in romantic relationships or perhaps she just preferred a more submissive role in love. She hadn’t been in many relationships, but she found her needs always seemed to take a backseat to her partner’s. “What was that all about?” she wondered quietly to herself.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support!


7 thoughts on “First Draft Completed! Now Onto Revisions…

      1. The community here has changed a little bit but at its heart I think its still about sharing and encouraging. I have been a little disheartened by things here lately so decided to expand my reading of more blogs which is how I came across yours. So it is a mutual thing. Thank you as well 🙂

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      2. I’m sorry you’re feeling disheartened, but I’m glad you branched out and found me because I very much enjoy your blog and the stories you share as well. It is a good community from what I’ve experienced so far. I think the country (and the world to some extent) is going through a metamorphosis. I think it’s important to find time every day for the things that bring us joy. 🙂

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      3. Its really just the way they have changed things here. There used to be free classes, a weekly community area. They have gradually taken it all away and it leaves the community being what we are doing right now. My blog has always been kind of stand-alone so I’m not part of the photography circles, or the music circles. But its okay, I like bringing my unique spin. Thank you for your kind comment, and so agree about the metamorphosis we are going through. Thanks for bringing some joy into my life…not to mention some sexy stories!

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      4. They still have some element of both but they aren’t the same thing really.

        Oh you just made my day with that news….it will be hard to wait for it. Pun also intended 😉

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