Happy Ending

Hello gorgeous. Are you ready for a nice deep massage?

I know how much you work all week and your body needs a good rub down every so often.

Ok, now close your eyes and think about me straddling your naked body while you lie face down on your stomach. I’m going to massage your shoulders, neck, and back with warm coconut-scented oil.

Take a deep breath and let it out… feel my soft hairless heat brushing against the small of your back.

As I lean forward to kiss your neck and nibble your ear, you feel my hard nipples and soft breasts press against your back.

Inhale deep and exhale, we’re just getting started.

Next, I trail kisses and nibbles all over your masculine body. Oh, I know what’s waiting for me when I finally flip you over, but I love to tease and be teased… so I take my time and glide my hands all over your hard body.

Your muscles have quite an effect on me. I love strong arms on a man. As I rub your arms and kiss those beautiful muscles, I imagine you holding me down with them while you’re fucking me.

I squeeze out more warm oil all the way down your back, and massage your ass too. Then, I kiss it. Kiss your firm ass cheeks and bite them.

When I’m sure your ass feels appreciated enough, I turn around so that my ass is facing the back of your head and I focus my hands on those strong, muscular legs.

I rub your legs and kiss your thighs with my soft full lips. Does that feel good?

Can you see my exposed wetness when I bend over to kiss you? Try to look over your shoulder.

My backside is still pointed toward the back of your head as I knead and lightly kiss the back of your thighs. I firmly slide my hands and nakedness all over your hard body and it’s definitely making me drip with anticipation of what lies beneath.

I get down to your calves and ankles when I slowly turn my body around and now I’m at the edge of the bed looking up at your well-oiled tight body.

You look so hot like this. I watch you while I sit up and rub the remaining oil on my boobs and aching nipples.

A few moments in and you’re already missing my touch, so you turn around to find my hungry eyes fixed on you with one hand squeezing my nipples and the other hand playing with my princess below. My fingers gently stroke the outside, then dip into the heat to rub some of the hot juice all over.

I’m starting to pant and you’re watching the show while stroking your thick cock right in front of me.

I’m going to cum just at the thought of tasting you. You look so delicious like this… it’s time.

I trail kisses back up your legs, this time along the front and inside of your thighs, so close to your beautiful balls. You feel my kisses linger, it’s because I like the way your muscles feel against my soft lips.

You’re still stroking and getting harder by the moment. I dip my head between your legs and stick out my tongue then run it slowly from the base of your balls all the way up the long shaft before closing my soft full lips around the tip to suck, kiss, and finally taste you.

Mmm, it’s sooo good.

That first suck on your cock tastes so good. I’ve already tasted some pre-cum on my tongue and it’s driving me crazy. Now, I’m like a hungry she-cat in heat. I’m purring and moaning. I want your cum and I’ll stop at nothing to get it.

My head is bobbing up and down on your thick hard shaft. I’m taking you in deep and dripping saliva all down your cock and balls, and it’s dribbling down my chin as well.

As my mouth pulls up my hand follows, stroking and squeezing. My hands thrust back down and my hot wet mouth follows.

Those thick lips feel really good right now, don’t they?

I hear a quiver in your breath, so I know you’re feeling good. Hearing your breathing change while I devour your meat makes me glisten with desire. My girl downstairs wants a turn at your hardness, but I’m a greedy slut and I have to taste your cum.

As you draw in another breath, my pace quickens. I’m stroking, squeezing, sucking, and gagging your dick, hard and fast — the saliva squishing all around sounds like we’re fucking.

Can you take it? I look up and our eyes meet. You love to look into my dark eyes as your cock disappears in my hot waiting mouth.

Mmm, you’re close. I can see it in your eyes. I can hear it in your breath. And now… I can taste it.



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