In the theater, the lights are dimmed…


At that very moment, your hand finds the softest warmth on the inside of my thighs. As told, I’m not wearing panties —rules for whenever we meet.

I like pleasing you.

Holding my breath, I anxiously wait to see if you’ll check my obedience. You do. And I exhale into your touch.

You’ve memorized my most intimate place.

You must have. How else could you know the exact spot to gently stroke first? My breath is caught in my throat once again. Although eyes are forward, I slowly, quietly spread my legs a little more for you.

You accept my invitation and reach long, strong fingers deep inside to find my moist excitement flowing over. You push through, you stroke, you rub, and you glide — sliding in and out, around and around.

My head tilts back. Eyes closed tightly, you take me to a place beyond the huge lit screen in front of us.

I reach up for a strand of my own curly hair, then wrap it around my finger and pull down hard, but discreetly. Moaning softly.

In and out, around and around.

Twisting and pulling, pressure mounting. One more inward dive and I finally let go… releasing a wave of shudders with a rhythmic pulse that desperately grips at your fingers.

What movie are we watching again?

I exhale, open my eyes, then lick and bite at my bottom lip as I look around for your face. Blue eyes meet mine, your knowing smile tells all.




Image by Pexels

This is a #SexyWritingPrompt, in 250 words or less, write your own ending and share what happens in your story when the theater lights are dimmed. 😍🔥

Tag/mention @phillswrites on social media so that I can follow along or drop a link to your story below! 💋

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