Switched On

Lean in, kiss me. Can you taste the excitement on my lips? Cause I’ve been waiting all week to taste you.

The moment you get close, I feel it. A current of anticipation flows through me.


It tingles up my arms and to my breasts, which give me away —every. time. Even now, sitting here and thinking of you.

Your hand in my hand. Your mouth on mine. Deep sensual, long kisses. Tongue touching tongue… tasting skin.

Hands grabbing curves, spanking the fleshy bits. Slap it loud!

Fingers heating skin, pinching at hardening edges. Squeeze them hard!

Pain. Fuck. Sweet pain… Making me breathless. Just need a moment… Now, do it again.

Make it hurt, tenderly, and jump start the battery in a long-forgotten part of my brain and body.


Ignite the part of me that wants to give and take more than we’re allowed… in one moment, one room, for one night.


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