Campfire Chronicles: The Final Wave

Below is part three of three.


Part 3

Felicity started to worry that something may have happened to Jackson. Her mind quickly descended down a long list of horribles, each ending with his death or dismemberment.

“Don’t think such gruesome thoughts!” Felicity scolded herself.

“Jack?! Jackson, are you there? I’m really starting to get frightened. Just say something if you’re okay,” Felicity pleaded.

Still blindfolded and naked, Felicity remained bound by her wrists to a stake pushed deep into the ground at the beach campsite. Her body laid out before the heavens and nature, the campfire on one side and the sound of the ocean on the other.

Felicity’s dark round nipples stood erect, pointing toward the starry night sky while her body glistened in the glow of the fire from the oil that Jackson had used to massage her earlier. At that moment, she heard what sounded like footsteps in the sand and then Jackson’s voice.

“Sorry love, just had to relieve myself. You’re safe. Never took my eyes off you!” he said.

The next thing she knew, Jackson was at her side stroking her cheek. “Daddy’s back, and I’m ready for my baby girl… again. God, Felicity, I love you like this!”

Jackson untied her hands from the stake and lifted her up onto her knees now. He guided her to turn around and then made her put her hands down on the blanket so that she was positioned on all fours.

From here, he tied her hands back to the stake and Felicity was once again unable to move around freely. She could sit back on her heels and possibly push her hips up into downward dog if she really wanted to, but she didn’t.

Instead, she stayed silent and still on all fours anticipating what would come next. And just as if she conjured it, she felt the sting before she heard the smack of Jackson’s hand on her bottom.

“Fuck!” she thought, but she dare not say it aloud.

Whack! He smacked her ass again on the opposite cheek, leaving his hand behind to massage and squeeze her ass cheek tightly.

Felicity whimpered.

“Yes! This is Daddy’s ass. Baby girl? Who’s ass is this? Speak up so I can hear you,” his hand came down with an even harder blow. Smack!

“Ahhh, fuck! It’s your ass, daddy! All yours,” Felicity squeaked.

“I think you like it when daddy spanks your ass,” Jackson moved himself between her legs now and Felicity felt him kiss her lightly on each burning cheek. “Your pussy is so wet, Felicity. You like it when daddy smacks that ass, don’t you?”

Felicity moaned at the feeling of his breath near her most intimate place.

“I love how fucking thick you are, girl. Looking at you like this has me so hard right now,” Jackson leaned in again, spread Felicity’s still-burning cheeks with his hands, and placed his mouth near her soaked opening. “You’re right. This is my ass!”

Felicity arched her back and tried unsuccessfully to push back further into Jackson’s kiss, but her tether was still very tight.

“I want you, daddy, inside of me. Right now,” she said breathlessly.

Jackson trailed kisses up Felicity’s tailbone and her back as he positioned his hard manhood behind her, squeezing her breast on the left side while smacking her ass again on the right.

“Ok. You’ve been a good girl for daddy,” he said and Felicity felt his stiff cock sliding back and forth across her clitoris. The sensation of his hardness rubbing her clit made her shiver and she pushed back against him.

As if in an answer to a prayer, Jackson swiftly moved both hands to her hips, holding her firmly, and plunged his thick hard manhood into her warm waiting hole.

At the first touch of Felicity’s moisture, Jackson relinquished composure and rammed his cock in ferociously. He immediately began pounding her hot pussy from behind, slapping against her soft brown ass with every stroke.

His hands held her hips in place, as he continued at a steady rhythm and pace. Felicity was breathing hard and panting, as she pushed back to meet his force. Occasionally, Jackson’s thrusts would hit so deep eliciting a yelp of pain mixed with unmeasurable pleasure.

With each forceful dip, she found herself inching closer and closer to the edge of the blanket and the sand. And every few strokes, Jackson would smack her ass because he loved the sound of slapping flesh — hard— and he loved the way her round ass jiggled when he did it.

“Oh fuck, that hurts so good, daddy,” moaned Felicity.

Whack! Jackson smacked her ass again and heard her yelp. She was taking each stroke of his hard dick deeply and now lowered her arms to rest on her elbows exposing her ass and pussy to Jackson even more.

Her tight puckered asshole was now in clear view and he had to touch it. Her dark brown fleshy cavern beckoned to be explored.So without skipping a stroke, Jackson licked his fingers,lubricating them with his warm slick saliva. He rubbed the spit from his fingers over her little hole, gently massaging her anus and making her pant even heavier before dipping his fingers in and stretching her tight opening.

Each thrust of his hips continued to hit her deeper and harder. Combined now with the sensation of his fingers probing her asshole, Felicity’s fingers reached out to grasp the edge of the stake that jutted out of the ground.

She was slowly losing control of her mind, but her grip on the stake promised some false sense of stability.

His deep exploration of her body was causing sensations everywhere on her and in her, and she couldn’t maintain her focus on one spot or one feeling. Everything blended together— pleasure, pain, lust and love. She moaned and Jackson pushed his fingers in deeper. She was building to a big release.

“That’s it baby girl. You’re gonna cum all over daddy’s cock aren’t you? Damn that pussy is so wet!” Jackson said, his hips still thrusting into her flooded wet pussy, which now leaked juices down the inside of each thigh.

He probed her asshole moving his fingers in a rhythm that matched the pace of his hips. Then he pushed his thick hard cock into her and held still, letting her absorb all of him inside her soft warm walls.

“Fuck, baby! You’ve been waiting for this dick all day. You’ve been waiting to feel my cum inside of you. I know that’s what you want the most. Isn’t it?” Jackson’s grip on the one side of Felicity’s hip tightened as he felt her start to squirm.

He pulled back almost pulling out completely, but stopped just at the edge and held her there for what seemed like eternity, though it was actually only seconds. He held everything still— the firm hand on her hip, his fingers in her ass, and his throbbing cock. Then, in the next moment, everything was back — his thrust, a smack, his fingers moving.

Felicity’s mind gave way to the overwhelm. She stopped thinking and gave herself over to the feeling. Still blindfolded, she couldn’t see, so her other senses seemed more heightened. Her nipples ached and stiffened, her stomach tightened, her pussy gripped and gushed. The sound of Jackson’s breathing and the smell of the campfire ignited a very primal feeling deep within her. She was falling and she didn’t care to stop.

“I’m… mmmm… I’m gonna cum, daddy,” Felicity whispered.

“Come on, baby,” he replied tenderly. “Cum on daddy’s dick. I’ve got something for you too. I’m gonna fill that tight little pussy with all my cum and I’m ready… fuck, I’m ready.”

Jackson’s voice always melted Felicity to the core — his words, his voice, his stroke. She let go and the wave of an orgasm flooded her body. Her back arched and her pussy squeezed frantically around Jackson’s thick cock.

The feeling tipped him over the edge. With one final forceful stroke, he pushed in deep and released his hot seed inside of her warm pulsing hole, both hands now gripping hard on her hips.

Together, they collapsed on the blanket. Felicity felt beautiful electric sensations firing all over her body and the feeling of his semen in her womb gave way to another spasm. She squeezed her legs together and came again as his load leaked it’s way down her thigh.

Jackson reached up and untied Felicity’s wrists, then gathered her close in a spoon held so tight neither could tell where one ended and the other began.




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