Next to You

I was so happy to see your smiling face… and then you waved. Before saying a word, you told me we would be ok.

Next to you, the air left my body and the edges of my mouth settled upward in a smile.

When I walked with you, you stayed close to my side. I felt safe. There was an instant warmth and familiarity between us, like our souls had met in a time before time.

Next to you, I laughed and joy returned to my smile.

The world tilted just right, and you slid into my life. We were meant to meet. Kismet.

Next to you, my smile grew inward and doubt vanished.

And as your mouth touched mine that first time, I thought, “damnit, why did I eat onions!” But I just felt so comfortable with you. I apologized and you kissed me again, and again, and again…

After so long, I felt wanted again and desired for just being me. And now, my thoughts are consumed with just being… next to you.




Image by Pixabay

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