Had I Known

Had I known it was gonna end that night…

I would have held you closer, looked directly into your beautiful blue eyes and memorized their hue.

I would have asked the hard questions to learn what lies behind those eyes now. Your world changed so much in those last days. I remember bits and pieces of stories, but I wonder what you really saw, what you heard, and what you felt.

Your mouth, which had spent many nights tasting mine, spoke only of others. I lost you. Or, you were never mine — but that I refuse to believe.

Truth be told, I saw the edges begin to unravel long ago. It was when I shared an honest moment with you that your heart just couldn’t hold. I saw pain in your eyes and you just couldn’t understand.

I hoped you would stay forever. Silly me… You leaned back and I pushed you away. I should have grabbed you, pulled you in, held you.

Had I known.




Image by Pixabay

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